UAF is students, research and public service. Starting with careful analysis and strategy, University Relations supports all three by sharing the facts and stories that make up the university. We lead UAF's marketing and student recruitment efforts, which include the campaigns below as well as student recruitment publications such as the viewbook and search pieces.

Our staff can advise and guide you with planning, advertising, market research and advertising placement, budget recommendations, and identifying potential resources and partners to help you with your marketing endeavors.


University Relations is responsible for UAF's recruitment and image marketing campaigns, from traditional radio, TV and print to digital platforms such as Google search, Pandora, YouTube, etc.

Here are some examples of campaign commercials:



  • 30 sec. Fairbanks commercial
  • 60 sec. Fairbanks commercial
  • 30 sec. Fairbanks commercial


Display ad examples

UAF brand display ad 1

UAF brand display ad 2

UAF brand display ad 3

UAF CEM display ad 1

UAF CEM display ad 2

UAF CEM display ad 3

Landing pages

UAF brand landing page

UAF CEM landing page

UAF CNSM landing page

UAF SNRE landing page

UAF SOM landing page

Social media ad examples

UAF Facebook ad example 1

UAF Facebook ad example 2

UAF Facebook ad example 3

UAF Facebook ad example 4

UAF Facebook ad example 5

UAF Facebook ad example 6

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