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The Fairbanks campus overlooks the local airport and the Tanana Valley.
The Fairbanks campus overlooks the local airport and the Tanana Valley.

Partnering with US Department of Defense to offer free tutoring programs to any college or university student that falls into currently supported groups:

  1.  Air Force- Inactive/Part-time Air National Guard personnel, Inactive/Part-time Air Force Reserve personnel
  2.  Army- Part-time/inactive (TPU) Army Reserve personnel and Part-time/inactive (M-Day) Army National Guard personnel.  Not eligible- Veterans/Retirees (those no longer serving in the military)
  3.  Navy-Active Duty Navy personnel, Active Duty/Deployed Navy Reserve, Navy Reserve personnel (deployed/active and part-time/inactive)
  4.  Marines-Inactive/Part-time Marine Corps Reserve personnel
  5.  Coast Guard-Full-time Coast Guard Reserve service members in active status, their dependents, including spouses Active Duty Coast Guard service members, their dependents, including spouses, Part-time/inactive Coast Guard Reserve service members and their dependents, including spouses  Inactive/Part-time Coast Guard Reserve

Additional details at  Suggestion to check this site regularly, there will be updates to the populations the program supports.

All completed forms can be mailed, faxed, e-mailed or hand delivered:

UAF Financial Aid office
107 Eielson Building
P.O. Box 756360
Phone: 907-474-7256
Toll Free: 888-474-7256
Fax: 907-474-7065

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