Event Planning Resources

Room Set up

Determining room arrangements through our office will be simplified if you plan in advance how you want the room to look. Include what elements you feel are necessary to achieve your event goals. Consider items such as food tables, staging, sound equipment, and dance floor, etc. We can guide you through this process.  If you're looking for ideas check out the "Meeting Layouts that Work" page.

Audio-Visual Equipment

Wood Center has a wide variety of audio-visual equipment that can be used to enhance your meeting needs.  Basic equipment includes laptops, projectors, sound systems, polycoms, televisions, ect.  There is a $10 flat fee in addition to Set Up/Tear down charges for use of AV equipment.

Setup Fees/Labor Fees

There are various rooms in Wood Center that maintain a standard setup and you will not be charged a setup fee. For those rooms requiring a setup, the fees are as follows:

  • Set Up/Tear down for UAF Departments.... $20.00/hr
  • Set Up/Tear down for Student Clubs & Organizations...$15.00/hr

Building Hours Extension

If your event requires entrance into the building before hours or you need to remain in the building after hours, building hours may be extended with a minimum of ten (10) working days notice pending approval from the Scheduling Office. Once approved, your department will be charged a fee for each extended hour beyond the normal building hours. Click here for building hours.

  • Additional building hours…$75.00/hr with a 3 hour minimum for unannounced openings.

Food and Beverages

All food and beverages must be arranged through UAF Dining Services. Please be advised that UAF Dining Services is the sole food provider for UAF. UAF Catering can be contacted at 474-6820.

A Food Waiver Request Form (Food Liability Release) must be submitted when there are donations or food is not being provided by UAF Dining Services. For more information, please contact UAF Dining Services at 474-6661.


To serve alcoholic beverages at your event, you must submit an Alcohol Waiver form ten days prior to the event. You can download the form here.

Alternate Reservation Space

IARC Scheduling Link
IAB Scheduling Link
Murie Scheduling Contact
Music Scheduling Contact

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