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UAF's people have stories to share, stories about the relationships, experiences and learning they've found here.

Biology student branches out

Chris Clement is ready for anything — fighting the zombie apocalypse, restraining an eagle or offering a definition of cryptorchidism in dogs, which is when the testes don't drop.
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Traditional lifestyle inspires studies in petroleum engineering

Jesstin Patterson attends petroleum engineering classes in Fairbanks, hundreds of miles from his home villages, but those places remain foremost in his mind — and often on his taste buds.
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Knitting one-of-a-kind gloves warms the hands — and the heart

Michelle Strehl didn’t wait long for her first customer. While on winter break in 2013, the UAF student decided to knit gloves for people like herself whose hands have unique shapes.
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aurora magazine:

Then again: Susie Klingner '64

Interview with alumna Susie Klingner: "I always had a bit of a nomadic, wild streak in me."

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Landing the big show

Before breaking his back in a four-wheeler accident in 2001, Brant Schalk was a skateboarder. “I would try a trick over and over until I landed it,” he says. “And printmaking demands the same level of patience and process, if not more. In a way, printmaking has filled the hole that was left when I could no longer skateboard.”
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An agent of change: Student ambassador revels in new experiences

I'm a military brat and immensely proud of it. I revel in experiencing new things — unless we're talking food; then I'm a bit particular. Tread carefully if you want to talk about Disney, Broadway, theater, movie scores or traveling, because I can go on and on about each of them. At first, I may come off as reserved, but once we're friends, I become more like myself.
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