Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor/Master Program

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years in this fast-track program for mechanical engineering majors.

With an emphasis on cold-climate engineering, this ABET-accredited program offers unique opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research and engineering design projects. You can also focus your degree in disciplines such as aerospace and petroleum engineering. Class sizes are small and our faculty are here to help you succeed.

Graduates of the mechanical engineering degree are highly sought after by employers throughout Alaska (the highest paying state in the nation for mechanical engineering) and the Arctic for their specialized training. Many have gone on to successful careers in the lower 48 and internationally. Our graduates also enjoy a very high pass rate for the Fundamentals of Engineering exam.

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Why Study Mechanical Engineering at UAF?

At UAF, you’ll have opportunities for hands-on learning and research unlike anywhere else in the world. This accelerated master’s program will also take you beyond entry-level mechanical engineering jobs and open the door to some of today’s most in-demand and highest paying careers in the field.

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years

  • Our 5-year master’s program in mechanical engineering program helps you save time and money on education, while providing the advanced training for high-demand careers in Alaska and around the world.

Engage in cutting-edge engineering research

  • Participate in our annual rocket launches from Poker Flat, the only university owned and operated sounding rocket range in the world. Other opportunities include the Alaska Space Grant Program, the UAF Center for Nanosensor Technology, the UAF Automotive Research Center and the UAF Energy Center. Funding is also widely available for individual research projects.

Get specialized training for mechanical engineering jobs Alaska

  • Our program emphasizes cold-climate engineering, providing specialized skills and knowledge for working in the North. Our graduates are highly sought after by employers throughout Alaska for their cold-climate knowledge.

Tackle real-world engineering challenges

  • Our mechanical engineering degree gives you hands-on experience solving real-world problems through the senior design project. For example, a recent project involved designing a solar electric and hot water heating system for a new facility being constructed at Denali National Park.

Work in state-of-the-art facilities

  • Engineering facilities include the Machine Shop, SOECAL Computer Lab, Industrial Process Laboratory, Heat Transfer Laboratory, Industrial Process Laboratory, Machine Design Laboratory, Thermal Machines Laboratory, Materials Laboratory, Experimental Mechanics Laboratory and the Extreme Environment Laboratory.


What Can You Do With a Mechanical Engineering Degree?

Skilled mechanical engineers are in high demand, and our program has a strong track record of success. About 95% of our mechanical engineering degree graduates find employment. Most work in Alaska, in energy or resource development. Others go on to find jobs in the Pacific Northwest and internationally. Earning your master’s degree will open up even more opportunities and boost your earning potential when you graduate.

Jobs in mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering jobs include careers in aerospace, building design, energy and power, chemical and processing plant operation, design and manufacturing, resource extraction, Heating Ventilating and Air-conditioning (HVAC) and product development.

Mechanical engineering salaries

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Alaska is the top paying state in the nation for mechanical engineers, with a mean annual wage of $128,690.

Master’s in mechanical engineering salary:

Depending on the industry, master’s degree graduates in mechanical engineering can earn about 20% more in salary than bachelor’s degree holders.



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Take the next step toward earning your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mechanical engineering. We have the resources to help you get started.