Advising and registration

Now that you're a Nanook, it's time to meet with your academic advisor and register for classes. Your academic advisor will be your guide to UAF, connecting you with your program and helping you find the tools you need to succeed.

Before you can register for classes, be sure to:

  1. Set-up your UA username and password. This is what you will use to access your student account and registration.

  2. Confirm that we have your current SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer scores, as well as any scores from AP or IB exams you've taken. These scores will place you in English and other core classes that have an English prerequisite.

  3. Take the ALEKS Math Placement. Nearly every program requires a math course and your scores help to place you in math and other core classes that have a math prerequisite.

  4. Contact your academic advisor to schedule an appointment. If you can't make it to campus, most advisors will meet with you over the phone and via email. Once your courses have been approved by your advisor, you can register using UAOnline.

Class registration begins in early April for the the fall semester, early November for the spring semester and early February for summer semester.

Academic advisors

Academic Advising Center

The Academic Advising Center provides advising for general studies, pre-majors, AHEAD, and non-degree seeking students.


College of Rural and Community Development

For Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development:

For other programs, visit the CTC advising website or your home campus website (listed under "Community Campuses").

Community Campuses

For Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development:

Students whose home campus is one of UAF's community campuses, advising information can be found on the campus student services' website.

Community and Technical College

For Associates of Arts (AA) or general advising:

For all other CTC programs find your advisor here.

Honors College

The Honors College assists high-achieving and motivated students make the most of their undergraduate education. The program accepts applications from newly admitted, current and transfer students.

Dr. Alexander Hirsch

Rural Student Services

RSS is an academic advising department assisting Alaska Native and students from rural Alaska achieve student success by linking them with current information pertinent to their education, lifestyle and goals. RSS is available to advise for a student in any degree program.


School of Education

Colleen Angaiak
Elementary and Secondary Undergraduate Programs Advisor

Student Support Services

Student Support Services is a federal TRiO program that works with students who are first generation college students, limited income or who have a documented disability.