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Gain the skills and knowledge to grow as a business leader. Designed for students of all academic backgrounds, the online Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree at UAF offers an affordable, flexible option for working professionals who want to advance their careers.

Our accredited online MBA program provides a solid foundation in management theory, marketing, finance, corporate strategy and analytical thinking. It also provides the soft skills employers desire most—leadership, problem-solving, communication and time management. Depending on your professional goals, you can focus your MBA degree in general management or STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

The MBA degree is offered entirely online and can be completed in less than two years. We offer in-state tuition for all online MBA courses and do not require an undergraduate degree in business.

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Why Earn Your MBA at UAF?

Sharpen your business skills in a top MBA program that delivers maximum value and quality. These are some of the unique opportunities that make this one of the best online programs for MBA degree seekers.

Specialize your MBA degree in an area of professional interest

  • The online MBA degree offers two concentrations: one in general management and one in STEM. The STEM concentration allows you to take three graduate-level courses from your field of study and pair them with School of Management classes. Possible STEM fields include fisheries, ocean science, engineering, mathematics, statistics, biology and more.

Earn your MBA degree online at your own pace

  • Offering maximum flexibility to accommodate any schedule, our MBA program allows you to work at your own pace online while enjoying the same high quality instruction you would receive on campus. You can complete the degree in less than two years.

Join an accredited online MBA program you can afford

  • Only 1.5% of universities in the world have achieved AACSB accreditation, ensuring that our MBA online degree meets rigorous standards and delivers a solid management education. In addition to offering one of the top MBA programs online, we also offer one of the most affordable, offering in-state tuition rates for all online courses.

Get your MBA without having a business background

  • Are you interested in a MBA, but have an undergraduate degree in something other than business? We allow you to take seven online, self-study, pre-MBA modules in place of prerequisite courses to help prepare for a graduate program in business.


MBA Careers

There are many advantages to earning your MBA degree. It’s a great way to advance your career and earn a higher salary. You can gain expertise to start your own business, lead high profile teams and become a leader in your field of interest. An MBA degree will also help you gain networking resources and enjoy greater job security.

Jobs for MBA degree graduates

Whether you’re interested in a career in a traditional business area like marketing or finance, or looking to take on management roles in emerging STEM fields, the possibilities for MBA graduates are endless. Some MBA job opportunities include:

  • Business analyst or strategist
  • Business development analyst, associate or manager
  • Director
  • Entrepreneur
  • Financial analyst
  • Management consultant
  • Marketing associate, analyst or manager
  • Portfolio manager
  • Project, product or program manager
  • Operations analyst, associate or manager

MBA salary

According to the Financial Times, MBA graduates typically double their salaries within three years of completing their degree. A recent study by the Center on Education and the Workforce also reported an increase of 30.6%, or $19,000, for MBA graduate degree holders over bachelor’s degree graduates.

The salary for MBA graduates will depend on a variety of factors, such as your area of specialization and work experience. Graduates of accredited MBA programs will also tend to earn higher salaries on average.



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