Welcome to Student Activities!

Our mission is to create fun, unique, memorable experience for UAF students! We believe that some of the best communities are created through sharing experiences, and we want UAF to be a place where all feel that they belong, that they can build memories, and that they can grow. And of course - we want to do this through fun events and programs!

What we do

We create events and programs for the UAF community. Some of these are smaller programs, like laser tag, movie nights, or holiday themed parties. Others are huge day or multi-day events, like Nanook Traditions or Pop Con. Do you have an idea for something you want to do on campus? Great! Come talk to us! No idea is too big!

How to contact us

SAO is made up of one professional staff member (a Student Activities Coordinator) and a team of 4 - 6 student assistants. Together we make sure that there's fun to be had on campus!

Below is our staff list. Please feel free to contact any of us by email or stop by our office! We can be found in the Wood Center Offices, Room 101K!

Meet the SAO team!

Lisa Latronica and Raleigh

Lisa Latronica, Student Activities Coordinator

Raleigh, Official SAO Mascot Dog


Lisa joined the Wood Center team in October 2016 and loves working with SAO and Nanook Traditions. Prior to moving to Alaska, Lisa worked in residence life at North Carolina State University and Colorado School of Mines, and graduated with her BA in Art History and Studio Art from Loyola University Chicago and her M.Ed. from NC State. She loves adventuring in the mountains and snow, spending time with her pup, Raleigh (who enjoys chasing birds and napping under blankets), and all things coffee and peanut butter. Stop by her office anytime with ideas or just to chat!