The Senate is the legislative branch of ASUAF. The constitution of ASUAF provides for up to 20 student senators; however, the current bylaws specify 16 seats, divided into eight spring seats (A-H) and eight fall seats (I-P). Spring seats are elected through the spring election while fall seats are elected through the fall election. 


Senate Chair
Cole Osowski

cole headshot

Wood Center 119
Phone: 907-250-3900

The Senate Chair is the de facto leader of the Senate. They are elected by the Senate from the membership of the Senate. They preside over meetings, manage committee membership, and enforce the will of the Senate. More information about duties and responsibilities of the Senate Chair can be found in the bylaws.


Current Session Membership

Senate Seat A

Drew Shelton

Senate Seat B

Hazel Probst

(University Relations Committee Chair)

Senate Seat C


Senate Seat D

Leo Nordamn

Senate Seat E

Ray Rice

Senate Seat F


Senate Seat G


Senate Seat H


Senate Seat I

James Baisden II

(Student and Academic Affairs Committee Chair)

Senate Seat J


Senate Seat K

Cole Osowski

(Senate Chair)

Senate Seat L


Senate Seat M

Rodolfo Garcia

(Rules Committee Chair)

Senate Seat N

Cole Funke

(Finance Committee Chair)

Senate Seat O

Sarah Finney

Senate Seat P