Elvey Building

2156 Koyukuk Drive

Elvey Building

Photo by Allison Blanchard, UAF University Relations

The seven-story C. T. Elvey Building was built in 1970. Elvey Building is home to the Geophysical Institute and contains office and lab spaces.

The satellite-tracking dish antenna installed in 1987 on top of the institute is 30 feet (10 meters) in diameter. In addition, one automatic weather and radiation monitor is installed on top of Elvey, and another is installed in the hills nearby. They are part of a collaboration among UAF, Los Alamos National Laboratory and the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation to gather meteorological data and assess levels of gamma radiation.

Christian T. Elvey was managing director of the Geophysical Institute from 1952-1963 and was the university's first vice president for research and advanced study from 1961-63. Upon his retirement in 1967, he was granted professor emeritus status. In 1970, Elvey joined the elite names in the history of world science when a crater near the north pole of the moon was named in his honor.

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