International Arctic Research Center • (907) 474-2484

The International Arctic Research Center was established in 1999 as a cooperative research institute, funded by both the U.S. and Japanese governments. Since 2000, the National Science Foundation has funded IARC through a cooperative agreement with UAF.

IARC serves as a focal point of excellence for international collaboration and provides the arctic research community with an unprecedented opportunity to share knowledge about science in the Arctic, with an emphasis on global change research. The primary mission of the IARC is to nurture, integrate and synthesize research being conducted internationally by individuals and groups. More than 30 international groups are collaborating with IARC, allowing the institute to meet the UAF mission and goals in a concrete way.

IARC is devoting specific effort to answering the following three questions: (1) Is climate change due to natural or man-made causes? (2) What parameters, processes and interactions are needed to understand and predict future climate change? and (3) What are the likely impacts of climate change?

IARC conducts an internationally popular summer school for young researchers and holds workshops for the integration and synthesis of research. IARC also supports several K-12 outreach projects.

The IARC Building is located adjacent to the Elvey Building (home of the Geophysical Institute) on the UAF campus