Academic Advising and Assistance

Academic Advising Center

Staff at the Academic Advising Center help students decide on a major, as well as advise students considering changing or reconfirming their major. Advisors offer guidance for incoming freshmen, general studies students, non-degree students and transfer students. The center is a clearinghouse for general university and degree information. Advisors help students with information about non-traditional credit options and pre-professional academic programs like veterinary science, law, dentistry or pharmacy.

  • Academic Advising--As a student at UAF, you have continuing help from academic advisors as you decide on a major, choose electives and plan each semester's classes. An advisor explains programs and requirements, recommends courses to suit your individual needs and helps you choose a program that will enable you to reach your academic and career goals. If you have declared a major, your advisor will be a faculty member from your academic department. You should contact the department for specific assignment of an advisor. If you haven't chosen a major, advisors at the Fairbanks campus Academic Advising Center will help you select classes and plan an academic schedule. You can work with general advisors, faculty members from various disciplines throughout campus and all members of the advising team. Students without a specific major are enrolled as general studies students and should use the advising center as their departmental home base.
  • Academic Support--The Academic Advising Center provides academic support with reference materials, referrals and study assistance through the Skills Bank and LASSI programs. Skills Bank is a self-guided computer program to build and refresh knowledge in English, math, reading, science and writing. LASSI helps you identify subjects in which you may need improvement to become a more successful student. These programs are available at no charge to students.
  • Major/Career Information--The Academic Advising Center has materials and software available to help you discover your interests, abilities and aptitudes. DISCOVER is a fully integrated career guidance software program; the Strong Interest Inventory provides a computerized interpretation and printout that helps you assess your aptitudes (there is a $10 fee); and various specialty web-based inventories offer a variety of career and academic guidance.

The Academic Advising Center, in cooperation with other departments, sponsors workshops on study skills, deciding a major and a wide variety of special topics. The Academic Advising Center is located in 509 Gruening Building, (907) 474-6396 or 1-888-823-8780. Advisors can also be reached via e-mail at Specific information for students, including degree worksheets, can be found on the web at

Tanana Valley Campus Center

Advising and support are available at the UAF TVC Center for students in A.A. and A.A.S. degree and certificate programs. A Student Assistance Center provides services that contribute to a successful learning experience and transition to a career. Services are available by appointment and on a walk-in basis. For more information, contact Student Assistance, UAF Tanana Valley Campus Center, 604 Barnette Street, Fairbanks, Alaska 99701, telephone (907) 455-2851, or visit online at

  • Academic Advising--The TVC Student Assistance Center provides academic advising with a focus on A.A. and A.A.S. degree and certificate programs. Staff at the center recognize the unique concerns of adult and returning students. Services include pre-admission advising, academic assessment and placement advising, financial aid information and application, and assistance with choosing a major. Ongoing academic advising, degree planning and course selection are available. The Academic Intervention Program provides support for students on academic probation.
  • Academic Support--The Student Assistance Center provides academic support at the TVC Center through developmental course work, workshops, classroom presentations and one-on-one advising to conquer academic hurdles. A study group clearinghouse, tutoring referral, learning labs and a computer lab are also available. Academic and personal advising, crisis intervention and resource referrals are available when personal issues intrude on academic success.
  • Career Advising--The TVC Student Assistance Center provides personalized career advice based on job market information and a student's personal goals. Career search, interest assessment and job market information are available online and through regularly updated computer programs and publications. Advisors regularly help students learn job acquisition skills such as resume writing, interviewing and web searching. Advisors communicate with the Fairbanks campus career services department, TVC workforce development programs and community advisory boards to assure a broad base of support for students as they plan their move from college to career.

International Student Advising

UAF students from other countries face many situations that American students do not encounter. International students must comply with immigration regulations, adapt to a new and often strange culture and adjust to the American system of higher education. International student advisors serve as a liaison between the student and various U.S. immigration agencies. Advisors authorize documents for student visas, help students adjust to UAF and provide immigration and personal assistance. For more information, contact International Programs by telephone (907) 474-7677 or (907) 474-5327, e-mail, or online at

Rural Student Services

Rural Student Services (RSS) is the vital link between the Fairbanks campus and rural Alaska communities. RSS advisors provide comprehensive advising and referrals to various support services on the Fairbanks campus. RSS advisors register students for classes, explain academic requirements and explore degree and career options. They help students with the admissions and financial aid process, provide personal assistance and student advocacy.

RSS serves as a Native student center in the Brooks Building to provide an atmosphere where students can share Native cultural traditions on campus and attend Native student club activities, as well as being a welcoming student gathering place.

For more information contact Rural Student Services, Brooks Building main floor, telephone (907) 474-7871 or 1-888-478-1452, e-mail, or visit online at

Student Support Services

Student Support Services (SSS) offers individual and small group tutoring, study skills workshops and general advising and support to help eligible students graduate from college. Active SSS students are eligible for the laptop computer program, grant aid and free concert tickets. Eligible students are those with financial need, those whose parents did not graduate from college and those who have disabilities. Students must be enrolled at UAF with the intention of obtaining a degree. The SSS program at UAF is funded by a TRIO grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

For more information contact the SSS program located in 508 Gruening Building, telephone (907) 474-6844, e-mail, or visit online at

Tutoring Services

Information about lab hours for all campus academic support resources as well as tutoring options is located on the Academic Advising Center website:

  • Accounting Lab--The Accounting Lab provides tutoring services to students enrolled in accounting courses. Located in 225-I Bunnell Building, the lab is staffed by accounting graduate students and outstanding undergraduate students. Lab hours are assigned (but flexible) Monday through Friday. For more information, contact the accounting and information systems department, (907) 474-1945.
  • ASUAF Tutoring--The Associated Students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks (ASUAF) offers tutoring for individual courses whenever possible. The service is coordinated by ASUAF staff, and tutoring is provided by students. Contact ASUAF for more information, (907) 474-7355.
  • Academic Support Labs--The Department of Developmental Education provides academic support labs in math, English and reading. These labs are located at each of the rural campuses, Tanana Valley Campus and on the Fairbanks campus. Labs provide tutoring and small group instruction for students taking developmental, academic or vocational math, reading and writing courses. Academic support labs supplement and support student learning as well as improve and expand student skills in these areas. For further information contact your local campus or the Department of Developmental Education at (907) 474-1112.
  • Math Laboratory--This lab provides flexible-hour assistance to students enrolled in mathematics and statistics courses. The lab is coordinated by faculty, and services are provided by students. For more information, contact the math department at (907) 474-7332.
  • Writing Center--The Writing Center is open Sunday through Friday for tutoring all enrolled students. The staff, composed of English graduate teaching assistants and outstanding undergraduate students, reviews student writing projects at any stage from planning to drafting and revising. Tutors are available to help students improve their grammar and usage. For information, contact the Writing Center, (907) 474-5314.