Current CMI Projects

Exploring radium isotopes as tracers of groundwater inputs, flushing rates, and produced water in Cook Inlet
PI: Will Burt

Arctic Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Structure Data Analysis and Synthesis
PI: Seth Danielson

Are expanding Pink Salmon populations in the Arctic produced from regional watersheds?
PI: Kristen Gorman

Investigating the impacts of oil exposure and changing snow cover on sea ice microbial communities
PI: Gwenn Hennon

Hydrocarbon Oxidation Products in Cook Inlet: Formation and Bioaccumulation in Mussels
PI: Patrick Tomco

Utilization of the under-ice habitat by Arctic cod in the western Arctic Ocean
PI: Franz Mueter

Ocean migration and behavior of steelhead kelts in Alaskan OCS oil and gas lease areas, examined with satellite telemetry
PI: Andrew Seitz

Kelp restoration in the Boulder Patch
PI: Katrin Iken

Evaluating novel assessment approaches for coastal ice seal haulout areas and behavior in the Alaskan Beaufort Sea
PI: Donna Hauser

Surface current analysis of the western Beaufort and Chukchi Seas
PIs: Seth Danielson, Rachel Potter

Graduate Student Projects

Subtidal habitat mapping in the Cook Inlet Lease Area for current and predictive sea otter habitat associations
Elizabeth Hasan (MS Marine Biology)

Potential impacts on the ecological role of seaweed wrack in the event of an oil spill
Brian Ulaski (MS Marine Biology)