Trail Conditions/Grooming

5/15/19 Things are melted out with the usual wet spots. The trails near Yankovich are best. The area near West Ridge has some jumpable puddles as well as creative crossing options. Baseline, Beaver slide, etc. are the usual swamps. Midnight Sun Express and some lower sections of Big Whizzy are soaked. The commuter trail behind the farm is soaked. There is one trail redirect, where the equinox trail comes off Farmer's Loop above Ballaine, about 1/4 mile later it normally dips down into a large depression that is filled with water and impassable. Use old Equinox reroute to the left to connect back up with Skarland.


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Trails Trail Type Distance in KM Groomed Tracks Set
Lighted Trails        
Stadium Skate/Double Classic .27 3/21  
Potato Field Skate/Single Classic .69 3/21  
Learning Area Skate/Double Classic   2/18  
T-Field Road Skate/Double Classic 1.29 3/21  
Unlighted Trails        
Midnight Express Loop Skate/Single Classic 1.77 3/14  
T-Field Skate/Single Classic 1.35 3/21  
T-Field Smith Lake Connector Skate/Double Classic .66 3/14  
T-Field Smith Lake Connector Classic Only 1.05 3/13  
Smith Lake Access Trail Skate/Single Classic   3/14  
Smith Lake Skate/Double Classic 1.13 3/14  
Estle Connector Skate/Single Classic 1.16 3/21  
Karl Reishus Trail Skate/Single Classic 1.05 3/21  
Skarland Trail (N of Ballaine Lake) Skate/Single Classic 1.93 3/21  
Skarland Trail (S of Ballaine Lake) Skate/Single Classic 1.29 3/14  
Skarland Estle to LARS Classic Only 1.21 3/13  
Viereck Nature Trail Skate/Single Classic .48 3/21  
Beaver Slide Trail Classic Only .73 3/13  
Baseline Trail Classic Only 1.29 3/13  
Turn Around Trail Classic Only .48 3/13  
T-Field to Beaver Slide Classic Only .19 3/13  
Big Whizzy Loop Skate/Single Classic 2.57 3/21  
SRC Trail Skate/Single Classic Multi-Use 1.01 2/22  
Walking & Snowshoe         
Tanana Loop to Farmers Loop Walking & Snowshoe .68 2/18  
Smith Lake Walking & Snowshoe .68 2/13  
Cutler Apt Loop Walking & Snowshoe   2/18  
Commuter Trails        
T-Field Road Commuter 1.29 3/13  
T-Field to LARS Commuter .71 3/13  
Sheep Creek Road  Commuter   2/18