UAF Names Dan White as Chancellor:

UAF welcomes Dan White as Chancellor of the University of Fairbanks Alaska. For more information, visit: 


 Dan White


UAF Celebrates a Century:

Click below to learn more about our first 100 years and upcoming events:

UAF 100 Years

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Blue & Gold Gala

The University of Alaska Fairbanks celebrated its first 100 years and partnership with the Fairbanks community at the Blue & Gold Gala, held Feb. 11 at the Carlson Center. The Blue and Gold Gala was featured in the Fairbanks Daily News Miner - follow this link to the story! For more information about the event and links to the videos premiered during the evening's program, go online to

The Centennial Scholarship Breakfast took place April 18, 2017 at the Wood Center Ballroom. This occasion marked 20 years of celebrating student success and donor generosity at UAF.  Visit this link to learn more about how our generous donors connect with their student recipients.

UAF also celebrated its Centennial Anniversary of the Signing of the College May 3rd in Centennial Square.


Inspiring stories
" The selfless generosity of donors has had a significant impact on my life. Without this support, I can’t imagine that I would be here with the same successes that I have today."
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