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Course Tuition Costs

Not sure if you qualify for Alaska Resident tuition rates? Visit the Resident and Non-Resident Tuition information page to learn more, or contact the Office of Admissions at or 907-474-7500 to speak with an admissions counselor.

 UAF CTC Courses ($0 /cr)* 

 100-200-level credits ($0 /cr)** 

 300-400-level credits ($0 /cr) 

 600-level credits ($0 /cr) 

* Applies to community and Technical College (CTC), Bristol Bay, Chukchi, Interior Alaska, Kuskokwim and Northwest Campus courses.

** Applies to Academic Programs offered through the Rural College and Troth Yeddha' Fairbanks campus.

Current Course Tuition

 Total Credits0

 Tuition Subtotal$0


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Surcharge Costs

 Lower division course credits ($47/cr)

 Upper division course credits ($58/cr)

 Graduate course credits ($108/cr)

 Upper division course credits ($72/cr)

 Graduate course credits ($135/cr)

Current Surcharges

 CEM Credits 0

 CBSM Credits 0

 Parking Decal$0

 Total Surcharge$0


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Total Tuition and Fees

Parking Decal ($51)$0

Consolidated Fees ($53 / cr)$0

UA Network Fee ($9 / cr)$0

Facilities Fee ($6 / cr)$0

 Total Fees$0

 Total Surcharges$0

 Total Course Tuition$0

 Total Tuition and Fees*$0

*This is an estimated total based on 2022-2025 rates before waivers, discounts or scholarships, which may impact the balance due. Your actual cost may vary.


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