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Meeting notes

The CLOA held its first meeting on September 26, 2004.

Campus Landscape Subcommittee

May 3, 2011

Room 222 Bunnell

Meeting Notes

Members Present: John Alden, Jan Dawe, John Rowe, ‘Bear’ Edson, Deb Horner, Wendy Croskrey, Gordie Schlosser

Members Absent: Annette Freiburger, Steve Bouta, Meriam Karlsson

Tree cutting, Troth Yeddha Park

Deb Horner, chair, opened the meeting with a discussion about the proposed tree cutting on the south side of Yukon Drive opposite the site of Troth Yeddha Park. A wide ranging discussion ensued about the pros and cons. Members recommended the following:

  1. Determine the extent of cutting with Jones and Jones;
  2. Conduct a survey of the trees, taking into consideration use of the plot for teaching;
  3. Do selective cutting, no topping or clear cutting;
  4. Retain the larger spruce trees
  5. Investigate the possibility of extending the overlook structure further out so as to minimize tree cutting

Wendy mentioned that a good use for the cut trees might be to feed the pottery kiln at the farm. Geordie felt it would not be difficult to get someone to come in and cut in return for the wood. Many people burn cottonwood in the outdoor burners that are so popular.

Fill area south of Yukon between IAB greenhouse and Butrovich

Bear presented a proposal to use dirt that is excavated from either the Life Sciences construction or the associated Sheenjek Drive work to fill in the area below the retaining wall of Butrovich. This would be a good way to save some money on the Life Sciences project so that the dirt did not have to be hauled off campus. A large flat area could be created that might eventually be turned into a picnic area. Members voiced their support for moving the dirt to the location but stated that future plans for the large flat area should be developed as other projects in the area, such as Troth Yeddha, moved forward.

Re-planting of hillside north of power plant

Deb asked what became of the trees that had been planted by Bob Wheeler and John Alden on the hillside north of the power plant when the utilidor project took place. Bear indicated that the trees were taken out and relocated to the greenhouse area where most of them are still located. The committee recommended re-planting those trees. Jan Dawe asked if this might be a good site for a “One Tree” project; the members heartily endorsed the planting of 150+ birch trees on the hillside as a community engagement activity. Jan is going to write up a description of the project. Planting the hillside in trees will eliminate a considerable amount of maintenance. It is also in keeping with goals of the landscape plan to re-establish stands of trees throughout campus.

Viereck Nature Trail

Interpretive signs for the Viereck Nature Trail will be designed as part of a pilot project funded through Facilities Services. Jones and Jones will be retained to develop a template for interpretive signage that will provide consistent elements as well as enable differentiation between different open spaces on campus.

Summer projects

Bear gave a synopsis of projects on campus. Specific to landscaping will be the elimination of some of the larger annual beds which will be turned into perennial beds.

He also indicated that the walkway to the Taku and Ballaine lots will be replaced with a stairway similar in design to the one that goes from campus down to Facilities Services.

Deb indicated that if there is any way to make getting to the Cooperative Extension Offices in the old Forestry Building, that would be beneficial.

Subcommittee name

Deb asked members if there was any objection to removing the “Outdoor Art” part of the subcommittee name, given that there is now an Art in Public Places Subcommittee of MPC. No objections, so a recommendation will go forward to the MPC to that effect. The subcommittee will still recommend locations for placement of art work and have review and comment opportunities for the Art Subcommittee’s choices.

The meeting ended at 11:10 am.