One Health Seminars

One Health Seminars are informational presentations by the amazing faculty and partners of UAF.  During these seminars we highlight some of the prevalent One Health efforts across the Circumpolar North. 
These seminars are currently held via zoom Mondays 4-5pm AKST. Registration links for each speaker are below and will also be posted on our social media platforms.
If you are interested in watching past recordings there is a link at the bottom of the page to access those.


Flyer - Nils Pedersen
One Health Seminar- February 6, 2023

Title: Karelian Bear Dogs Help Protect Wildlife


Nils Pedersen grew up with sled dogs in Fairbanks, Alaska. He understood the utility of working dogs for bear deterrence at a young age because of a photo that his grandpa showed him of one of his Greenland Husky dogs chasing a young polar bear away from camp. Pedersen began working with the Wind River Bear Institute (WRBI) in 2011 as the trainer and handler of Karelian Bear Dog, “Soledad”. Together they have worked to address human-bear conflict issues with all three species of North American bear: grizzly, black, and polar bear. Pedersen completed a M.Sc. degree in Wildlife Biology and Conservation from the University of Alaska Fairbanks in 2019. His research focused on human-grizzly bear conflict in the North Slope oil fields of Alaska and the use of Forward Looking Infrared-equipped drones for grizzly and polar bear den detection in the Arctic. Pedersen owns and operates the WRBI kennel in Fairbanks, Alaska. In his spare time he guides for Arctic Dog Adventure Co., an ecotourism dog mushing company he founded together with his partner, Lisbet Norris.


One Health Seminar- March 6, 2023

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One Health Seminar- March 27, 2023

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One Health Seminar- April 17, 2023

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