UAF Police Department- Whitaker Building

University Police Department's Mission

Our mission is a simple one: To provide a safe and secure environment for the staff, students, and visitors to campus. This commitment assures the University community that the police department will maintain constant vigilance over their property and personal safety. Our department employs professional sworn police officers, and with our excellent emergency dispatch staff and our student community service officers, we provide twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week service to the campus community. The UAF Police, Emergency Communication Center, and the professionals that comprise our department are integral parts of this campus community we proudly serve. We are honored for the opportunity to do so.

See Something, Say Something

UAF Access and Security Requests

Special After Hours/ Holiday Access Request Form 
Contact your building coordinator for unlocks and access for on-going access needs.  This is NOT to request security. This request system is for limited special access and lock/unlock requests for students, staff and faculty  for after hours and closure access. This is only for buildings on UAF Campus without swipe access controls.  Only Deans, Directors or designated support staff may authorize access. If the form is not completed as required, the request will not be approved. Successful submission does not mean approval of the request.  The submitter will receive an email for approval status after request is confirmed.  NOTE: if your list of names is longer than 60 for after hours access, please split into multiple requests when submitting.

Security Requests- required for campus events. Requests must be submitted Three Weeks prior to event. Charges apply when the Police Chief determines security is required or by request of the host.

The UA Alerts Notification System

The UA Alerts Notification System makes every effort to release information about emergencies (incidents) that may disrupt university operations.

UAF's online emergency information site:

UAF recorded hotline at 907-474-7UAF (7823)

UAF Police/ Dispatch Main Line 907-474-7721

Weapons Check-in/out Procedures

Alaska's Know Before You Fly Drone Safety Information

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