Army ROTC Program At UAF



Benefits of Joining Army ROTC

In the United States, we are proud to have an all-volunteer Army, made up of young men and women like you who value service and want to make the world a better place to live. Here’s what the Army ROTC program can offer you.

Serve your country as an Army Officer

  • Officers are the managers and problem-solvers who provide the military leadership our nation depends on. When you graduate and complete the ROTC program, you’ll be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

Get ROTC scholarships to help pay for college

  • The Army ROTC is one of the nation’s biggest scholarship grantors, providing scholarships that cover 100% of tuition or room and board to thousands of students each year.

Gain valuable leadership training

  • Taking ROTC in college provides intensive leadership training, helping you develop management, communication and problem-solving skills that will be valuable in any career.

Get more out of your college experience

  • As an ROTC cadet, you’ll attend classes, live on campus and participate in extracurricular activities just like other college students, while gaining an extra level of leadership training and hands-on skill development that will give you an edge when you graduate.


Why Choose UAF for Your ROTC Program?

In The Last Frontier, there are opportunities for challenge and discovery you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. Join Army ROTC at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and start your adventure.

ROTC students walking across campus in the winter

  • UAF is a military friendly college and leads the only Army ROTC program in Alaska. Our student community includes a large percentage of active military and veterans.

ROTC students participating in a training exercise at the pool

  • We are located less than 10 miles from Fort Wainwright, offering Army ROTC students unique access to a wide range of military resources including the Medical Simulation Training Center, Engagement Skills Training (Weapons Qualification), Call for Fire (Artillery Simulations Support), Military Style Rappelling, Basic Rifle Marksmanship Ranges and more.

ROTC students in dress uniforms

  • With small class sizes and a small student to instructor ratio, we offer an exceptional level of support and one-on-one interaction that will enhance your educational experience.




Army ROTC Field Training and Hands-On Learning

Army ROTC takes leadership training beyond the classroom and into the field, providing hands-on experiences that will help you develop physically as well as mentally.

You’ll receive training in Land Navigation, Combat Water Survival, Call For Fire, Basic Rifle Marksmanship, Military Rappelling and more. You’ll also take part in four-day training events and weekly labs, and an advanced summer training camp at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Learn more about ROTC program events at UAF.

Because of our strong military community, and close connection to nearby Fort Wainwright and the Alaska National Guard, you’ll have access to military resources few colleges or universities can match. Many of our students participate in internships with the U.S. Department of Defense or advanced military training such as Airborne, Air Assault, Basic Mountaineering and Jungle Operations. Our ROTC Cadet Club offers additional opportunities to gain real-world experience, volunteer in the community and make lifelong friends.

Career Opportunities for ROTC Program Graduates

When you complete the Army ROTC program, you’ll be commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Army and begin specialized training in your Army branch. Your career path is up to you. Later, you’ll be assigned to advanced leadership positions and staff positions in upper management, while also having the opportunity to pursue additional training and postgraduate education.

When you return to civilian service, you’ll be ready to take on management and leadership roles in your field. ROTC graduates have gone on to become CEOs, governors and presidents — there is no limit to what you can achieve. Many branches also offer help transitioning to civilian careers, and each ROTC program has a strong alumni group for support and guidance.