Waste Pickup Request

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University of Alaska Fairbanks uses the program Environmental Health & Safety Assistant produced by On Site Systems, Inc. of St. Louis for all hazardous waste pickup requests. The system is a web-based program that records your waste pickup request electronically. Phone calls or paper requests to pick up waste are no longer accepted. All UAF campuses (including extended sites) must use this system.


  • You must obtain a username and password from EHSRM before you can log on to the program (it can be your UAF ID and username, but EHSRM has to manually enter it). You may change your password at any time from the logon page and your password is always secure.
  • If you need access to the online Hazardous Waste Pickup Request program and are off campus (any non-UAF location state-wide), you must use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN service. Go here to learn how to install the program.