Bringing Minors on Campus

Many people, organizations, agencies and businesses come on UAF campuses to hold and event, stay in our housing facilities, or attend one of the many programs, camps, activities and concerts that are held on campus. UAF is dedicated to ensuring the protection of minors on our and in our campus community. Below is information to help you plan your event or stay that includes minors.


When registering for an event through the event form, there will be a question regarding the age of those attending the event.  Depending on the event and the use of the facility, you may need to meet the following requirements:

  • Protection of Minors Training for all adults that are responsible for care and control of minors
  • Background checks for all adults that are responsible for care and control of minors
  • Proof of abuse insurance

Types of events that are normally excluded from the above include weddings, receptions and dinner parties,as normally parents and guardians are in attendance.  We will ask you to certify the first two items (Click here for Certification), but you will need to send us a certificate of insurance that shows abuse insurance coverage before your event will be approved. This is a requirement under the State Wide Protection of Minors Regulations (R09.12.090). If you have not had any protection of minors awareness training, please contact Brandon Cruz for access to UAF's training.