Loss Prevention Process

Accepting FY2019 Applications!

Any university employee may apply for LP projects. LP projects can also be requested by department heads or campus environmental, health, safety, and risk management (EHSRM) staff.

Please note that all loss prevention applications must be submitted by March 15, 2019. The supporting documentation (invoice and banner screen) must be submitted by May 15, 2019.


Ergonomic loss prevention applications go through Carol Shafford. She can be reached at cashafford@alaska.edu. The amount available for ergonomic applications is a maximum of $400.

You must submit a complete application to Carol for it to be processed. This includes a completed and signed application; an ergonomic assessment report, a copy of the invoice for any equipment purchased, and a copy of the banner screen showing payment of the invoice.  Once this is recieved, it will be submitted to statewide for reimbursement.

See below for information on how to submit an application.


Requests for installation of security cameras are due to EHSRM by December 15, 2019 due to the time frames associated with ordering and billing of these cameras.  When submitting your application, please include a review by UAF Police to ensure that your camera(s) are located in an area that will provide you with the best coverage.  Camera orders need to be coordinated with many departments including Facilities Services, Design and Construction, OIT, and others which also takes time to manage.

See below for information on how to submit an application.

Loss Prevention Process

  1. Review Loss Prevention Guidelines and Information
    Note that the department will need to pay for the project upfront and be reimbursed for the cost. We suggest not purchasing your LP items until they have been approved by EHSRM. All ergonomic LPs are pre-approved.

    LP Guidelines and Information (PDF)

  2. Identify the problem and develop a plan to mitigate the risk
    Examples of prior projects include:  video surveillance cameras; a sanding unit to reduce slips, trips and falls across campus; portable welding fume hood, fall protection equipment; key swipe cards to provide safe access; machine guards; hiring CSOs for safety reasons at various campus functions; training for protection of minors issues; replacement of an art material with a safer option.

  3. Provide supporting evidence for your application
    This can be completed by a risk assessment through risk management or previous incident reports, police reports, Cause of Loss Reports, or any other supporting data available.

  4. Calculate costs and savings that will arise out of the LP project
    In many cases, this will be a rough estimate. However, please do your best to develop and clearly demonstrate direct or indirect costs and savings that could be realized as a result of implementing your proposed LP project. If you are purchasing a piece of equipment, requesting training, buying supplies or other items, please provide a copy of the cost of these items with your application.

  5. Fill out a Loss Prevention funding application.

    Loss Prevention funding application form (PDF)

    You only need to fill out the first page of the application and attached your backup.  The scoring portion will be completed by Risk Management.

  6. Get approval signature from your appropriate department head or supervisor.
    This step is to confirm that management can support your plan as well as provide additional funding that may be necessary if the plan exceeds the LP funding limit or matching funding is required.

  7. Submit your application to campus EHSRM office.
    Please e-mail the complete application to fisgrigg@alaska.edu. EHSRM office will perform the initial review and approval. Once approved by the campus EHSRM office, the application will be forwarded to the System Office of Risk Services (SW Risk) for review and final approval. EHSRM will notify you of the final approval.

    NOTE: ERGONOMIC LP APPLICATIONS WILL GO THROUGH CAROL SHAFFORD DIRECTLY. All ergonomic applications are pre-approved and will be funded for a maximum of $400.

  8. If approved, you can implement the project at anytime. Once complete you will need to submit the invoicing for the project and a copy of the Banner screen showing that the invoices were paid.  Once received, they will be submitted to SW Risk for reimbursement which you should see as a JV to the account number you provided.