SSS Staff

You may find it helpful to schedule a regular time with your advisor so that you are in the habit of meeting with them. To schedule appointments, call 474-6844, stop by our office or schedule online via Blackboard. (To schedule through Blackboard, click on the»TRiO Student Support Services» class, then click the Schedule Advising link on the left hand side and select your advisor.) Since our schedules change so quickly, we are unable to schedule appointments via email.

Victoria Smith, Director


Victoria SmithI began my career at UAF in the Office of the Registrar as a records clerk in the fall of 2011 and continued working on campus as a student employee throughout my undergraduate degree in History. I joined the TRiO Student Support Services team in 2012, and I thoroughly enjoy helping first-generation, limited-income, and students who experience disabilities work towards their educational goals. As a first-generation/limited-income student, I came to Alaska from Washington as part of the Upward Bound Math/Science program, participating in a total of three federally funded TRiO programs. My Master's degree in Arctic and Northern Studies will be completed this summer, with a focus on cultural history and higher education in the Pacific Northwest.


Kyle Campbell, STEM Coordinator/Advisor

(907) 474-2446

KyleI am really excited to be joining the Student Support Services team as the new STEM Advisor/Coordinator, working in conjunction with the Biomedical Learning and Student Training (BLaST) program. My background is in biology, and I earned both my undergraduate and master’s degrees right here at UAF. Specifically, I studied evolutionary genetics in populations of tropical island birds at the University of Alaska Museum, but I have been more broadly involved in a myriad of fun science – everything from citizen science climate change research in Alaska to conducting coral surveys in the Indian Ocean with middle school students. I have worn many different hats in science research and science education, and I look forward to leveraging those experiences to help students navigate their own academic and professional careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Vicky Avery, Academic Advisor


VickyI am delighted to be a part of Student Support Services, first as a Program Specialist and now as an Academic Advisor. I earned my B.A. in English and Russian from the University of Texas at Arlington before moving to Fairbanks to complete my master’s. After completing my master’s in English conducting research in digital literacies in the classroom, I taught as an English lecturer at UAF and for the Literacy Council of Alaska. Equal access to literacy and education continue to be passions of mine.

Although I came to UAF for a degree, I ended up finding a home. The cold is a perfect excuse to curl up with a good book, a cup of coffee, and my dog.

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Donald Crocker, Assistant Director


DonaldI have been an academic advisor with Student Support Services since the Fall of 2017. Before starting with SSS I worked in the Academic Advising Center for four years, specializing in students with interests in Pre-Professional Advising as well as in degree planning and exploration. I currently hold an M.A. in Professional Communication as well as bachelor's degrees in English and History. I also have a 7-12th grade English Teaching Credential. For the past 3 years I have also taught Comm F141X for the SSS Emerging Scholars Academy.

I am originally from Southern California, and moved to Fairbanks in 2004. Somehow the cold still surprises me in the winter, but I can't think of a better place to live than the Golden Heart City!

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Emily Stone, Academic Advisor


EmilyI began my journey with Student Support Services in 2015 when started as a Student Assistant, then in 2017 I also began working as a Tutor and Peer Mentor. I graduated with my B.A. in Linguistics from UAF in spring 2019 and I am excited that I get to continue working with SSS Students as an Advisor.

I was born and raised in Alaska and lived in Anchorage for most of that time. I came to UAF for the fantastic academic programs and unique research opportunities, and stayed for the amazing community of people I found in Fairbanks. During my time as a student I became passionate about helping others have the best college experience possible. I know that learning to navigate college and developing skills to be a successful student can be confusing and overwhelming-- but I am happy to help you through this process that I have so recently been through myself.

Outside of SSS, I enjoy spending time with my husband and friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, reading, doing arts and crafts projects, and (I’ll be honest) binging TV shows. I would love to talk to you about anything from foreign languages to cats to the best places to get Thai food. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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Darcy Harrod, Program Specialist


DarcyI started at UAF as an employee in 2002, and while I spent most of my time working in the marketing and graphic design field, find working for Student Support Services to be the most fulfillinng position I have held.  I was born and raised in Fairbanks and am a first generation college graduate. I earned my BA in Art with a minor in Applied Business from UAF in 2010. (It took me quite awhile to really figure out what I wanted to do).  In my free time you can find me adventuring with my boys and pup, and I love to talk about anything art and design related.