Summer Sessions Office



Michelle Bartlett




Michelle has been a resident of Fairbanks for over 35 years and has held held many administrative positions in the UA system before retiring and entering the private sector. She came out of retirement and joined Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning (SSLL) in 2003. Michelle shares her creative energy in building the multiple facets of Summer Sessions & Lifelong Learning. She enjoys her four granddaughters, scuba diving and traveling the world.


Allison Juneau

Administrative Assistant



Allison is a recent graduate of the UAF Art Department's Master of Fine Arts program.  She has served UAF as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, Adjunct Instructor, and as a virtual course instructor for the 365 SMART Academy program.  She is delighted to join the Summer Sessions team as an Administrative Assistant.  In her free time, Allison enjoys painting, tabletop games, and spending time with her pets. 


Katie Kennedy

Special Projects



Katie arrived in Alaska in 1990 for a summer job and found she had discovered her true home. She has worked at the University of Alaska since 2005 and is enjoying having recently transitioned from her full-time position as Associate Director to working part-time on special projects. Katie enjoys hiking, traveling, mapmaking, and playing the marimba.


Laura Bender

Special Projects

Laura has been helping Summer Sessions with multiple projects over the past few years, specializing in organizing our free summer events, and helping with the logistics of our K-12 outreach.