Tuition and Fees

Non-resident students pay tuition at the resident rate during Summer Sessions!

2021 Tuition Rates
050-299 course level - $234/credit
300-499 course level - $282/credit
500-599 course level - varies
600-699 course level - $513/credit

Note: Audited credits are charged at the same rate as other credits


Fairbanks Campus Consolidated Fee — $50 per credit; The nonrefundable consolidated fee provides students access to a variety of services that enhance their educational experience beyond the classroom and ensures the continuation and expansion of critical universitywide services for all students. The consolidated fee paid by each student supports these specific services: student government, student health and counseling center, student sustainability, student activities and services, libraries and digital resources, student recreation center, technology, eCampus delivery, and transportation. The consolidated fee is mandatory and cannot be negotiated, waived or reduced.

UA Network Charge — Minimum network charge per course: $9
The UA network charge covers rapidly rising costs, especially in the maintenance and enhancement of the university-wide technology infrastructure. A 4% network charge is applied on a course-by-course basis to tuition for credit courses, and fees in lieu of tuition for non-credit courses.

Facilities— $6 per credit hour. This is used for construction and maintenance of university facilities that enhance the academic experience.

Parking— Students who choose to park a vehicle at any on- or off-campus UA, UAF, or Community and Technical College location are required to have a parking permit displayed on the vehicle at all times, including evenings. See Parking Services for more information.

In addition to the general fees listed above, individual courses may have course fees to cover such items as lab materials, field trip expenses, insurance, etc. Fees specific to a course will be listed with that individual course.

Payment for ALL summer courses for which you are currently registered is due by the payment deadline for the FIRST scheduled class. Student bills are sent to the student’s assigned UAF email address or the email address indicated as preferred by the student in their Banner account.

Payment is due whether or not a bill is received.

Web: Log onto UAOnline to pay with your Visa, MasterCard, debit card, or checking account.  For payment options, click here.

Please note that a 2.85% ($3.00 minimum) transaction fee will be applied to all credit and debit card transactions, there is no fee for electronic checks.  If you are paying with a debit card or have a daily limit on your credit card, contact your bank to tell them you are paying university tuition and fees to ensure your card won't be declined.

In Person: Cash and Check only. First floor of Signers' Hall, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., or Wednesdays, 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

There is no drop for non-payment in the summer. Unlike fall and spring semesters, all summer classes remain on your student account unless you drop them. This means you will owe for all courses for which you are registered - whether or not you attend. Be sure to drop courses you are not planning to complete.


University policy requires a financial hold be placed on your student account if you fail to meet your financial obligations. The hold will prevent any registration, transcript, or graduation activity.

Past due accounts will be sent to a collection agency. Interest, late fees, and/or collection costs will be added to your account. Past due debt may be reported to a local credit bureau. The University is authorized to garnish the State of Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends for payment of past due accounts.

QUESTIONS? For more details about the payment process, visit the UAF Office of the Bursar website. You can also contact the Office of the Bursar at (907) 474-7384, Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Alaska Time, or use email:

If you miss the scheduled deadline for fee payment, you will be charged an initial late payment fee of $125.  Additional late fees may be assessed, as well, so it is important to contact the UAF Office of the Bursar to discuss payment options if you do not pay on time.

If you are given permission to add a class after the last day to pay tuition and fees, you will be charged a late fee of $50 which must be paid within five business days.

No late fee will be charged when:

  • you add a late start course during the regular registration period for that course,
  • or you change from one section to a different section of the same course,
  • or you add a course to replace a canceled course in which you were previously enrolled.

If, after you pay your tuition and fees, you are allowed into a class for which you have been wait-listed, payment must be made within five business days or late fees will apply. The late add fee is refundable only if all classes you have registered for are canceled.

Tuition may be refunded to students who drop courses depending on the date the action is taken. See Dates and Deadlines for refund dates. Material, field trip, technology, network and activity fees are only refundable during the 100% refund period. Refund processing is automatic for students who officially drop courses by published refund deadlines.

See the UAF Office of the Bursar website for more information on refunds.

Appealing for a Refund

Appeal for Refund of Tuition and Late Fee Removal forms are available online or through UAF Office of the Bursar in Signers’ Hall at the Fairbanks campus. Once received, the appeal will be evaluated by a campus-wide committee, which will return a decision to the student. The decision of the committee is final. Contact the UAF Office of the Bursar (907-474-7384) for additional information.