RISE Board

The student-led RISE Board was established in 2010 to ensure student control of the Student Sustainability Fee.

The RISE Board meets regularly to discuss the programs and projects funded by the fee. They also approve all projects funded by the Green Revolving Fund and review the annual budget each year.


ASUAF President Appointed Student

Seat A

Taylor Gofstein

ASUAF Senate Appointed Students

Seat B



Seat C


RISE Appointed Students

Seat D

Lorenzo Mendoza


Seat E



Seat F

Alanna Greenwell

RISE Appointed Faculty

Seat G


RISE Appointed Staff

Seat H

Chris VanDyck

RISE Appointed Community Member

Seat I

Wyatt Hurlbut

Chancellor's Selection (MPC)

Seat J

Joshua Greenburg

ASUAF President

Seat K

Riley von Borstel



Cachet Garrett (seat K alternate)

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