The UAF Administrative Services offices work to provide safe and effective operations for students, faculty, staff, visitors and other university constituents. To ensure these users have positive experiences with UAF and our departments, we have adopted these core values. These are the behaviors staff are expected to exemplify.


 We foster an environment of trust and accountability.

  • We trust each other enough to be vulnerable and honest about our performance, and hold others accountable for their performance.
  • We welcome, expect, and listen to feedback from our constituents and peers. We offer feedback and empower our peers.
  • We consistently strive to improve our business processes.
  • We recognize that people communicate in many ways.
  • We consistently strive to be transparent in our actions and motives, treat each other with respect and honesty, and willingly accept advice and help.

 We understand that our “team” is the university and encompasses more than individual departments.

  • We are invested in the success of all University staff and departments as a way to build a healthy team.
  • We understand that to improve service to our constituencies, we have to be willing to change what we have traditionally done or take on new roles.
  • We align our departments in support of the UAF mission and goals.

We create the next generation of leaders through a culture of continual learning and development.

  • We provide opportunities for staff to develop both leadership and technical skills.
  • We provide opportunities for learning, mentorship and new roles.

We take calculated risks to move UAF forward.

  • We recognize that risk is inherent to every action we take and to do business you have to recognize and accept reasonable risk.
  • We work as team to evaluate risks and support each other through transparency of motives and actions, vulnerability in our self-appraisals, and honesty and helpfulness in our advice.
  • We evaluate our processes to improve the speed of business while recognizing the need for and maintaining necessary controls.
  • When presented with a new opportunity or challenge we approach with a philosophy of “how can we get it done” rather than “we can’t do that”.

We communicate our goals and values through clarity and consistency of our words and actions.

  • We connect organizational goals so that they have context for staff at all levels of the organization.
  • We convey our goals and values in a clear, effective, timely, and thorough manner.

Adopted May 2014