The Alaska Native Language Archive is a collaborative effort of the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library and the UAF College of Liberal Arts. The Archive is housed administratively and physically within Rasmuson Library, while the College of Liberal Arts provides 50% funding for the director position. Additional work is made possible through the generous support of both on-campus and off-campus granting organizations, particularly the Alaska Native Language Center and the National Science Foundation.

Funding History
  • 2014: Linking maps, manuscripts, and place names data to improve environmental knowledge in Alaska
    NSF (PI Gary Holton)
    Digitization of historic maps and place name data

  • 2010: Completion of Eyak (ISO 693-3 eya) Grammar, Dictionary, Texts
    NSF (PI Michael Krauss)
    Digitization and digital reformatting of Eyak language archival materials

  • 2010: Digital Infrastructure for Alaskan and Neighboring Languages
    NSF (PI Gary Holton)
    Digitization of print documents
  • 2009: Alaska Native Language and Oral History Digital Audio Resources
    NSF (PI Gary Holton)
    Digitization of audio collection
  • 2005: Developing a Northern Indigenous Language Archive
    NSF (PI Gary Holton)
  • 2005: ARSC Summer Research Challenge
    NSF (PI Greg Newby)
    Support development of Open Language Archives Community data repository
  • 2003: Dena'ina Archiving, Access and Training (NSF)
    NSF (Co-PI Gary Holton)
    Develop web portal for Dena'ina language materials
  • 2002: Preservation and Cataloging of the Archive of ANLC
    NEH (PI Anna Berge)
    Catalog and refolder print materials
  • 2001: Electronic Archives Index
    UA President's Fund (PI Gary Holton)
  • 1999: Re-organization of the archive: Gwich'in
    UA President's Fund (PI Giulia Oliverio)
  • 1998: Bibliographic Catalog Update
    UA President's Fund (PI Giulia Oliverio)
  • 1976: Catalog of Indian Languages
    NEH (PI Michael Krauss)
    Cataloging of Indian Languages, resulting in published paper catalog (Krauss & McGary 1980)