Our mission is to provide you with professional advice, guidance, and networking opportunities to help you build a successful career and business relationships. Whether you are interested in finding an internship or job, exploring career options, changing careers, or hiring amazing new recruits, let us help you reach your career goals!


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Career Appointments

Career Appointments
 Career Services offers one-on-one advising appointments to help with a variety of career related needs. All appointments can be done via distance through Google Docs and Google Meet.
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 Explore  your major and career options on your own, prep for an interview, and edit your career materials on our resource page. 
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Career fair/ Recruitment
 There are  many opportunities for recruitment at UAF: Attend a job fair,  Schedule an information session, Sponsor a workshop or Post a job on our job board. 
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Through Career Services I was able to get my foot in the door at a global company. I was able to do this not only by having a fine polished resume, but by getting the opportunity to talk one on one with leaders in my field, and at companies I wanted to work at. Career Services allowed me to network one on one with upper management of a company, which allowed me to increase my professional network, and land a job at their firm. I would recommend Career Services to every student because they don't just make your resume look fantastic, they have an extensive network of professionals that they are able to funnel students through so that the students themselves can grow their professional network and start their careers off in a competitive position.
Bekah Olson was very helpful, she put in a lot of effort to go the extra mile to help me with my questions, some of which were about things such as Visas which are not directly under the purview of her office, and it is really appreciated that she took the effort to help me so much!
Bekah provided a lot of helpful feedback and was attentive to help with any questions.
UAF Career Services were very important for me when I had a Skype interview for a job back home in Canada. They were very helpful as they provided a private room, a laptop and an employee to facilitate. All of this was organized very efficiently as I was only able to give a few days notice. Myzah was very kind, and worked with the employer to organize documents and prepare me for the interview. During the interview, she went above and beyond and even found poster paper to cover the window to make the room more private, and make me feel more comfortable. All in all I feel Career Services provided wonderful services for me, and in the end I was offered the job :)
Bekah Olson was great. She looked up words we didn't know and helped me find a career that sparked my interest.