The Tanana District Extension Office is temporarily closed due to  COVID-19 health concerns. However, we are still working to help keep our community well-informed and healthy.
  • For most questions, you can reach us through our “Ask an Expert” portal.
  • For pest, plant or plant disease identification, submit your questions and photos through our Citizen Science portal.
  • And remember, even when our office is closed, you can download all of our free publications anytime at


HELLO! The Tanana District is one of the largest Cooperative Extension districts geographically in the United States, covering an area of more than 120,000 square miles with a current population of approximately 100,000 distributed in 64 Native villages and the Fairbanks North Star Borough. Much of the district is inaccessible by road. The Tanana District clientele is very diverse including 4-H leaders, youth groups, homeowners, homemaker clubs, private and commercial agriculture, local government, military personnel, subsistence families, cooperating agencies and the general public. We have agents here to assist you in areas of agriculture and horticulture; health, home and family development; and 4-H and youth development.

LOCATION: UAF University Park Building,1000 University Ave., Room 109, Fairbanks, AK 99709 Map it!

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O. Box 758155, Fairbanks, AK 99775-8155

HOURS: We are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We close daily for lunch from 1 to 2 p.m. (Office is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 health concerns.)

PHONE: Still have questions? Please call us at 907-474-1530 — we are happy to help!

CESTD LISTSERV: Be one of the first to hear about events at the Tanana District office! Send an email to to be placed on the CESTD listserv.


  • Ronda Boswell, administrative assistant, 907-474-2450,
  • Marla Lowder, 4-H and youth development agent, 907-474-2427,
  • Gooseberry Peter, agriculture and integrated pest management program assistant, 907-474-6829,
  • Leslie Shallcross, health, home and family development agent, 907-474-2426,

PLEASE NOTE: Our office is currently short staffed, so responses to questions about agriculture and horticulture, in particular, may be delayed while we are in transition. Please feel free to contact one of the following for questions:

  • Other pest questions (insects, diseases, dead or dying plants):
  • Gooseberry Peter, agriculture and IPM program assistant, Fairbanks, 907-474-6829,
  • Joey Slowik, IPM tech, Palmer, 907-746-9489,
  • PSEP training, pesticides:
  • Phil Kaspari, ag agent, Delta Junction, 907-895-4215,, or Katie Rubin, IPM/PSEP, Delta, 907-895-4215,
  • Soil testing:
  • Extension offers two helpful publications for obtaining a soil test; please review Soil Sampling (FGV-00044) and Factors to Consider in Selecting a Soil Testing Laboratory (FGV-00045). Pease note, there are fees associated with the soil laboratories listed. If  you prefer to get your soil test done locally, for a reasonable fee, contact  Fairbanks Soil & Water Conservation District. Brian Atkinson is in charge of the FSWCD soil testing program. Main number 479-1213, ext. 108, or






veggies picJUNE 16 — Market Farm and Garden Assistive Technology Workshop — Noon-1 p.m.

Many people with medical impairments have small tracts of land that they use to grow vegetables and produce to sell at farm markets. The physical labor involved is intense, but rewarding, and can be financially profitable. Assistive technology and growing methods can enable the worker to be independent on the farm, and have a greater likelihood of success.

In this free workshop sponsored by AKAgrAbility, you will become familiar with common limitations of workers growing market produce on small tracts of land, learn about assistive technology that will help with accommodating common physical limitations in the market garden and see examples of market garden assistive technology demonstrated.
Register at
For more information, contact DeShana York at 907-786-6330 or
Please feel free to share and/or post the workshop flyerr to help us spread the word. Thank you!
bee picJUNE 23 — Beekeeping Assistive Technology — Noon-1 p.m.
Assistive technology for lifting, carrying, work positioning and material handling enables beekeepers with medical impairments to manage hives and sell honey. Arthritis, back injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, amputation, paralysis, and other medical conditions don’t have to restrict beekeepers from completing necessary tasks. There are many opportunities for sideline apiaries with 20 to 200 beehives to produce honey and provide pollination services to local farms.
In this free workshop sponsored by AKAgrAbility, you will learn about beekeeping as a sideline enterprise, challenges faced by beekeepers with medical impairments and assistive technology that enables beekeepers with medical impairments to do necessary tasks.
Register at
For more information, contact DeShana York at 786-6330 or
Please feel free to share and/or post the workshop flyer to help us spread the word. Thank you!
Meet the Presenter: Ned Stoller, agricultural engineer, Michigan AgrAbility


 stink bugSELF STUDY — CERTIFIED PESTIDE SAFETY APPLICATOR TRAINING — Certified pesticide applicator training is offered as a self study option by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service . The state requires certification for anyone who purchases, uses or sells restricted-use pesticides. Certification is also required for anyone who acts as a pesticide consultant, engages in the commercial or contract use of pesticides or supervises their use at a public location.

The registration fee is $75 if you are able to pick up study materials at an Extension office ( Anchorage, Palmer and Fairbanks.) or $90 if you need materials mailed to you.  To make an appointment for pick up, contact Gina Dionne in Anchorage at,  Theresa Isaac in Palmer at or Ronda Boswell in Fairbanks at   For questions about your certification needs, contact Phil Kaspari, Extension agriculture agent in Delta Junction, at 907-895-4215 or

Register for this self study option  here.  (Registration tip:  Be sure to scroll down and select the self study registration option that pertains to you, depending on whether you will need study materials mailed to you or if  you will pick up your study materials at a district Extension office by appointment.)


FAIRBANKS MASTER GARDENER COURSE is usually scheduled in late fall/early winter so that our gardeners are geared up for spring. While our office is temporarily without an agriculture/horticulture agent, we are currently working out the details of a future class offering.  For general information on the Master Gardener program, visit the MG website. Information about the Master Gardener Online Course can be found here. To be placed on a class interest list, contact Ronda Boswell at 907-474-2450 or

PESTICIDE SAFETY APPLICATOR TRAINING is available as a self study option if a face-to-face class is not currently scheduled or if class dates are not convenient. (Face-to-face classes are typically scheduled during the spring months.) For general information about the Pesticide Safety Education Program, visit the PSEP website. Program contact: Phil Kaspari, 907-895-4215,

CERTIFIED FOOD PROTECTION MANAGER TRAINING (ServSafe) is offered as a face-to-face class a few times a year as well as online through the self study option. Please visit the CFPM website to learn more about these training options. Program contact: Julie Cascio, 907-745-3677,

FREE TESTING OF PRESSURE CANNER DIAL GAUGES! Gauges can be tested on or OFF the lid of the canner (no need to haul in the whole canner). If we have someone available to test, it only takes a few minutes while you wait. If not, you may leave your gauge and we will call you when it is ready for pick up (usually within 24 hours). It is important to have your pressure canner dial gauges checked annually to help assure home canned food is safely processed. (Pressure canners that use weighted gauges do not need to be checked.) While visiting our office, be sure to pick up some free food preservation publications! Information contact: Leslie Shallcross, 907-474-2426,

DIABETES PREVENTION PROGRAM offers a year-long lifestyle change class that focuses on making small gradual changes in exercise, food, stress management, etc., that have been shown to delay or prevent the onset of diabetes. Contact Leslie Shallcross at 907-474-2426 or to find out if the program is right for you and when the next class will be offered.

FREE PEST IDENTIFICATION! Got a weird insect that is puzzling you? Specimens can be identified through our Citizens Monitoring Portal. To learn more about the Integrated Pest Management program and the Citizen's Monitoring Portal, please visit the  IPM website. (NOTE: Cooperative Extension Service does not identify pests found on the human body. For such cases, please contact your physician or visit the emergency room.) Information contact: Joey Slowik, 907-745-3360,

STRONGWOMEN is a nationally recognized nutrition and moderate intensive physical activity program developed and tested by scientists and exercise physiologists at Tufts University. Staying physically active and being properly nourished is one of the most important things you can do to stay healthy for life. Scientific research has demonstrated that exercise with weights (strength training) will increase strength, muscle mass, and bone density in middle aged and older women. Strengthening exercises also reduce the risk of numerous chronic diseases such as diabetes, hearth disease, osteoporosis and arthritis. Strength training has been shown to reduce depression and improve sleep, and it contributes to a sense of well-being among older individuals. To find out about trainings and classes in the Fairbanks area, visit the Fairbanks StrongWomen website. You can also learn more about the program at the national StrongWomen website. Program contact: Leslie Shallcross, 907-474-2426 or

4-H logo made smallerALASKA 4-H PROGRAM is open to all youth in grades K-12 and their families. See what exciting things the program has in store for your youth by visiting the Alaska 4-H website.  Program contact: Marla Lowder, 907-474-2427,