Fall 2021-Spring 2022 Fee Schedule

Required General Fees (both resident and non-resident)

Note:  All fees are subject to change.

Fairbanks Consolidated Fee and Rural Campus Consolidated Fee  
  • UAF, CTC and eCampus
$53 per credit.
  • CRCD (Rural College, Bristol Bay, Interior, Kuskokwim, Northwest, Chukchi, Fisheres)
$21 per credit.
UA facilities fee $6 per credit.
UA network fee (4 percent applied on a course-by-course basis to tuition) Varies ($9 - $44 per credit)
Meal Plans  $610-$2,695

Meal plans and costs may be found at the dining services website.



Residence Halls (Check the Res Life website for current information.)


Parking Permit (Student)  
  • 8 or fewer credits
  • 9 or more credits


Spring/summer $153
Multi-vehicle additional $10
Estimated Textbook Cost  
  • (depends on course load and selection)