Associate of Science Degree

The Associate of Science Degree (AS degree) is a two year program designed to complete the major core requirements of a Bachelor of Science Degree (BS degree). It is a broad based course of study which includes English, communication, math, science and humanity course requirements.  The minimum requirements for the degree are 60 credits.;  All of the concentration electives are math and science based classes. 

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Content Creation

The Content Creation program is a 16-credit Occupational Endorsement (OE) that provides education and training to prepare students to enter the online content creation space. Courses emphasize business and self-employment, personal finance, basic computer and peripheral support, skills needed to develop an online presence, interpersonal communications, and emerging trends in content creation.

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Construction Trades Technology

The Construction Trades Technology Program was developed to teach rural Alaskans the skills to work on local construction projects,with a focus on Alaskan building practices for northern climates. This hands-on training program is taught by professionals with decades of practical experience. The program offers courses in Facilities Maintenance, Basic Carpenty and Sustainable Energy...

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Rural Human Services

The Rural Human Service (RHS) Certificate Program is a 34-credit University of Alaska academic program developed for Alaska village-based human service providers. It is intended for rural residents who are natural helpers and healers in their communities, and it is designed to help further develop skills and credentials in the helping profession. RHS offers a culturally appropriate training program designed for rural, village-based human service workers.

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Tribal Governance

The Tribal Governance program teaches the job-related skills and knowledge needed for positions within tribal and local governments and other organizations in rural Alaska. In response to the broad variety of job-related skills needed by tribal councils, administrators and staff, the Tribal Governance AAS degree and Tribal Managmement certificate programs are designed to allow students to specialize their education ...

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Wildland Fire Science

The University of Alaska Fairbanks Wildland Fire Crew is a cooperative agreement between the State of Alaska and the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The crew provides on-the-job training to students enrolled in the Wildland Fire Science program. Students will apply classroom knowledge in the field and expand their skill sets. While providing training, the crew will add to the State of Alaska‚Äôs fire suppression resources. 

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