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Diversity & Prevention Coordinator


Peter Gilbert

NDAC Student Assistant

Hi, my name is Aviv Gilbert. I have lived my whole life in Alaska growing up in North Pole specifically. I am the founder of North Pole High School's GSA and I hope to continue to share that passion for diversity and inclusion while working here at NDAC. My major is political science and my minor is currently digital journalism, though that is subject to change. I enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, and cuddling with my very sweet guinea pig named Mochi. I hope to meet more people through this job and get to know campus better as well. Please feel free to come by, I love to meet new people.

Breanne Meath

NDAC Student Assistant

Hello! I’m Breanne Meath. I am a lifelong Fairbanksan in my (super) senior year at UAF because I haven’t quite limited my class choices to just those which apply to my major. I’m seeking a sociology degree because I wish to gain more knowledge about all different types of humans and how we can support each other to ensure everyone feels safe, listened to, and valued. I’m also passionate about minimizing my carbon footprint, gardening, yoga, and connecting with people. Stop by the office so I can get to know you!

Chia Moua

NDAC Student Assistant

Hello! My name is Chia Moua and I currently hold senior status here at UAF, but a super senior college status having literally been in college for a majority of my life due to a ginormous love for learning. I was born in Chonburi, Thailand, but grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and have been here in Alaska since 2015. My majors are psychology and communication and minors are philosophy and sociology. The career that I look forward to possessing after undergrad and grad school is a Communication professor that teaches others about interactions of human beings and the different ways that we portray that.

Staff council

Council members

  • Heidi Shepard - Advisor
  • Ronnie Houchin - Advisor
  • Aviv Gilbert - Diversity Chair
  • Breanne Meath - Wellness Chair
  • Chia Moua - Food Pantry Chair
  • Danielle Bessent
  • Kasey Casort

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