Emergency response exercise scheduled for Nov. 9 at UAF

The University of Alaska Fairbanks will host an emergency response exercise on Wednesday, Nov. 9, in the Akasofu Building, which is located on the west ridge of the Troth Yeddha’ Campus in Fairbanks.
The exercise, scheduled to start around noon, will allow police and fire departments to practice responding to a violent intruder situation. Multiple agencies will participate in the exercise. The university, in collaboration with the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management’s AlaskaEx program, has been planning the exercise for about six months.
Members of the public and campus community can expect to see emergency vehicles in the parking lots around the Akasofu, Elvey and West Ridge Research buildings, as well as police and emergency medical personnel in and around the Akasofu Building. While the exercise will not include the use of live “blank” ammunition, people in the Akasofu Building may hear shouting, groups of people running and other loud noises during the exercise. Some exercise participants will be wearing makeup to simulate injuries.
The exercise will also include a test of the university’s emergency alert system. Employees and students at all UAF locations, including rural campuses, will receive test alerts in a variety of ways, including via text message, voice calls, emails, desktop computer pop-ups and Alertus wall beacons. All messages will be clearly marked as being part of the exercise.
Those planning on being in the area during the exercise should watch for exercise participants in the parking area behind the Akasofu Building and allow extra time to reach their destination.

Information before and during the exercise will be available on the UAF on Alert website.