Drug Information

The University Police Department allows for citizens to report drug-related activity anonymously. However, it is generally preferred that the identity of the caller be given. This will assist officers if arrests are made and testimony in court is required. If a citizen requests anonymity for fear of retaliation or any other reasons, officers will conduct their investigation without the identity of the complainant.

A citizen who has a friend or relative they suspect of drug-related activity contact us with pertinent information. It is not necessary for officers to know the identity of the complainant. If the identity is divulged, at the request of the complainant, this information will be kept confidential.

Information on Specific Drugs http://www.drugfree.org/drug-guide/

The Partnership for a Drug-Free America web site offers information about various kinds of drugs, their addictions, symptoms and effects on mental and physical well being. The site also offers suggestions on how parents should talk with kids about drugs.

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