Workplace Violence

Workplace safety throughout the UAF campus is the single prime concern of the Police Department. This program offers employees and students the ability to detect signs and symptoms of potentially explosive situations before they occur and gives specific contacts if they suspect or encounter any dangerous progression or violent behavior on campus.

Targeted audience- Entire campus

In-depth department training offered to educate employees and supervisors on the signs and symptoms leading to violent behavior and what to do if it occurs. Check-lists and constant reinforcement of situational awareness will be made available through posters and web based reminders. Follow-up with conflict and anger management referrals through Human Resources will be available. Contact numbers will be posted in every department.

Goal of the program–Prevention of Work Place violence before it even occurs is the goal through educating the entire campus as to the warning signs and indicators that generally appear prior to any incident. Working closely with Human Resources to prevent, and if necessary, to deal with violent behavior will lead to the safest working and learning environment for our community.

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