Group portrait of Athabascan Chiefs adorned with traditional garments, and ornaments.
Group portrait of Athabascan Chiefs adorned with traditional garments, and ornaments. [See UAF-1989-166-371, UAF-1989-166-384 & 385].
(L to R standing) "Chief Alexander of Tolovana, Chief Thomas of Nenana, Chief Evan of Koschakat, Chief Alexander William of Tanana." (L to R standing) "Chief William of Tanana, Paul Williams Tanana, Chief Charlie of Minto."

At the Department of Tribal Governance, the heart of our mission is to strengthen tribal sovereignty and leadership.


Central to our philosophy is the inter-connected relationship between tribal self-goverance and community wellbeing.  Our courses and curriculum are designed and delivered in response to requests by tribal partners. We recognize, utilize, and uplift Indigenous ways of life and knowledge, and often call upon tribal leaders, expert, and Elders to share their knowledge.


The Tribal Governance program has helped me grow into my role as First Chief of Circle. No longer do I feel like I am struggling or blindly trying to figure stuff out. The skills you learn in the program immediately improve your performance in the job you have now... Jessica Fields
The Tribal Governance program bridges the gap between your cultural identity and traditional wisdom from the elders and the tools that tribes have for self-governance. These classes teach you how to use federal Indian law to your tribe’s advantage...Randy A. Mayo
If you want to work and improve your community, then get involved with the Tribal Governance program. It's very fulfilling and challenging ... Kathryn Martin
I hope to use my knowledge from the Tribal Governance program to help guide others my age that are also struggling to seek help and find college classes to get through their life struggles. I advise everyone to keep pursuing the educational dream until you are content with where you want to go in life.  Roselie Carroll
  Barbara Blake 
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