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Launch a rocket. Monitor muskoxen. Study in Spain. It's your life. Make it off the charts or off the grid.

What you achieve at UAF is limited only by your imagination. You have a vision and an independent spirit. We have experts to guide you and a dare-to-be-great situation with your name on it. Chart your own academic path, with e-learning, customized majors, internships, honors and exchange programs, and more than 200 degrees and certificates. All you need is a will to succeed.

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Academic support services

We want you to succeed at UAF and have people ready to help in every aspect, from academic classes to personal enrichment.

Academic Advising Center

Helping students plan their academic life, the Academic Advising Center's advisors are available weekdays from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to help students complete registration and plan their degree completion. Schedule an appointment on the Academic Advising Center website.

The center also offers workshops on various topics such as time and stress management, note- and test-taking, math anxiety and creating a four-year plan.

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Academic computing and the Office of Information Technology

Open computing labs with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems are available for all UAF students in the MBS Complex, the Bunnell Building and the 23-hour study area in the Rasmuson Library.

Get free technical support and limited training from assigned student lab consultants.

The Office of Information Technology can also offer support with many things IT, from accounts access and password resets to security and web information.

Career Services

Helping you discover and achieve career options, Career Services provides career counseling, job search and internship advising, and on-campus employer recruiting to students, alumni staff and faculty.

Disability Services

Assisting students with documented disabilities, Disability Service's goal is to ensure equal access to educational opportunities at UAF. Academic accommodations are free and available to any student who qualifies as an individual with a disability and is enrolled in at least one credit hour.


UAF has two libraries on the Fairbanks campus and libraries on four rural campuses. Elmer E. Rasmuson Library, on the Fairbanks campus, is the largest academic library in the state, with more than a million volumes. The Keith B. Mather Library, also on the Fairbanks campus, holds collections in the geological and biological sciences and Alaska’s U.S. Patent and Trademark Office depository. Both libraries offer wireless and wired networking, public computer terminals, and designated quiet study spaces with natural lighting. Rasmuson Library also has group study rooms and a secure 23-hour study space with a student computer lab.

Math Placement Assessment (ALEKS)

Anyone who is planning on taking a course that requires mathematics placement during or after the Fall 2014 semester and does not have current MATH credit from a course at the appropriate level should register for the UAF Math Placement Assessment through ALEKS (UA login required).

Math and Stat lab

Math and statistics faculty offer free tutoring in UAF's math and stat lab, located in room 305 of the Chapman Building.

Rural Student Services

An academic advising department, Rural Student Services has more than 40 years of experience in working with students from all over Alaska and focuses on helping rural students transition to a new city and make meaningful connections at UAF.

Speaking Center

The Department of Communication offers coaching in preparing and delivering public presentations in 507 Gruening at the Speaking Center.

Student Support Services

Eligible students can get personal and comprehensive academic support at Student Support Services. Providing an inviting, resourceful atmosphere and opportunities for academic development and success, SSS helps students to stay in school and complete their degree program.

Writing Center

The Writing Center, located at 801 Gruening Building, is the go-to spot for help with all phases of the writing process. Tutors give one-on-one help with brainstorming, organizing, researching, drafting, revising and more.

The center also includes a computer lab, where you can print for free. Find a full range of dictionaries, handbooks, thesauruses and help with citation styles.

Additional opportunities

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Research opportunities

Inspiration. It comes from people, places and ideas.

UAF is a hotbed of all three — where everyone has a story to tell, where nature in its relentless grandeur brings true perspective, and where innovation reigns supreme. Venture outside the classroom, where fieldwork really is in the field — and in the forest, ocean, or any of the rugged terrain that makes up Alaska’s vast, natural laboratory. Around here, if you’re game, you’re in. Even undergrads work one-on-one with world-class faculty on advanced research.

This is where theory meets practice, and where hands-on experience gets its place in the sun.

The Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activity office exists to support, develop and institutionalize UAF's diverse and robust programs of undergraduate research and creative scholarship.

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Study away

If you want to explore the world, UAF can help. Whether you attend a university in another state or another country, your credits will count toward your UAF degree program. Participation in National Student Exchange and international exchange/study abroad programs will start you on your unforgettable adventure!
Students gather for a class in the Honors House
A UA Scholar student tinkers with a model airplane

Honors program

The Honors Program assists high-achieving and motivated students in making the absolute most of their undergraduate education. But it’s about more than being smart. It’s about being bold, pushing your intellect and pursuing scholarly opportunities. It’s exploring new places — in the mind and the world. It’s your home away from home, academically and socially, where you share small classes and rigorous thinking with student-scholars as inquisitive as you.

UA Scholars

The UA Scholars Program encourages Alaska's high school graduates to get their advanced education in Alaska.

The UA Scholars Award is an $12,000 scholarship which can cover eligible expenses such as undergraduate tuition, fees, room, board, books, supplies and other educational costs associated with going to a UA school.

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