North Star College FAQ

All Fairbanks North Star Borough School District current juniors on track for graduation in 2022 who are interested in pursuing college coursework in their senior year are invited to apply to the first cohort of North Star College. Prospective students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and two references. Students will be selected randomly from among those who meet the qualifications.

Students who are selected will take the Accuplacer and ALEKS exams and will take two classes (political science and economics) as a cohort. Students will work with their school counselors to select additional classes from among UAF’s core content courses.

Students will work with their high school counselors and the North Star College coordinator to choose the courses that best fit their needs. UAF will take care of registering students for those courses.

The school district will cover tuition, books and some fees for North Star College students.

Students will be responsible for personal course equipment and supplies, such as lab coats, kits and art materials. Students may also pay to use other fee-based services on campus, such as the Student Recreation Center, on-campus parking or dining plans.

The school district will provide transportation to campus for North Star College students.

UAF Disability Services will work with North Star College students and their parents on how to best address the accommodations in students’ IEPs or 504 plans.

Lunch is available at students’ home attendance area school. It can be arranged to be held for when they arrive back at school or picked up in advance if they are taking afternoon classes. If a student wants lunch on campus, they would need to pay or purchase a meal card. UAF has a variety of meal plans available for nonresidential students.

Students still remain eligible for sports at their home school. Core courses taken through North Star College should not affect NCAA eligibility for student athletes who plan to play in college. Students who plan to participate in NCAA sports should make sure their counselor is aware of that intention to ensure eligibility.

No. UAF does not use PowerSchool. Students at UAF will be on Blackboard or Canvas. Parents will need to work with the students to view grades.

No. UAF does not have parent-teacher conferences. Students may request to meet with professors during office hours. Parents would not set up those meetings with professors, although students could bring their parents with them. UAF has hired a counselor to work specifically with the early college students and help keep them on track while attending classes.

Not directly. Students will be required to check in on days that they have classes. The North Star College coordinator and high school counselor will monitor attendance and work with students and their parents if issues arise.

Students who drive to campus will need to purchase a parking decal, which currently cost $153 per year or $51-$88 per semester, depending on how many credits a student takes.

North Star College students will have access to UAF clubs that already admit high school students. However, in general, we encourage North Star College students to continue participating in extracurricular clubs available at their home schools.

North Star College students will be enrolled in the university’s Rave emergency alert system, just like other UAF students. In addition, they will have access to UAF’s personal safety app, Rave Guardian. Parents also will be able to sign up to receive emergency alerts from UAF. Visit for more information. This website is also where UAF will share information in the event of an emergency.
North Star College students can elect to pay the $135 per semester fee for access to the SRC.
Yes, UAF credits earned while students are enrolled in North Star College will transfer in the same way that any other UAF credit will transfer. Please note that the way credits transfer is variable, based on the requirements of the receiving school.

Yes. Student jobs at UAF are open to students who are taking six or more credits. Students who are interested in applying for campus jobs should work with the North Star College coordinator and their school counselor to see if campus employment is appropriate for their schedule.

Yes. Students can transfer back to their home school at any time. In addition, students may be transferred back to their home school if there are academic or behavioral issues.

Yes. Eligible students who are not initially admitted via the lottery will be placed on a waitlist. If additional spaces become available, students from the waitlist will be contacted.

If additional spaces open up throughout the first semester, the university and the school district may offer spring semester admission to students on the waitlist. There will not be a new mid-year lottery.