Honorary Degrees

Nominations for Commencement 2024 must be received by February 28, 2023.

Complete the nomination form first. See below for remaining nomination requirements.

Nomination letters should be addressed to Provost & Executive Vice Chancellor, Anupma Prakash, and should include a brief statement of the following information on each candidate:

  • Name and pertinent personal information; including contact information for the candidate (address, phone number, and email)
  • Education (degrees received and institute name)
  • Contributions to the University, and/or state, or the nominee's discipline or profession
  • Rationale for recommendation or honorary degree

Honorary degree recipients are selected one year in advance of awarding the degree. Nominations may be submitted to the Office of the Provost at any time during the year. Once a letter of nomination is received by the Provost's Office, a file for the candidate is constructed. Each candidate file should contain an initial letter of nomination and a minimum of three to four letters supporting the nomination. The person submitting the initial letter of nomination should also include a curriculum vitae or biography for the candidate.

Please keep in mind that Honorary Degree Recipients are chosen one year in advance of the commencement where they will receive their degrees and that a limited number of Honorary Degree Recipients are chosen each year, and it is possible that the person you are nominating may not be chosen for the upcoming commencement. Honorary Degree Recipients are selected by a committee composed of faculty and one community representative. We do not award degrees to sitting faculty, UA administrators (including Regents), local or state politicians.

Please note that Honorary Degree Recipients must be present in order to receive their degree; awards will not be made in absentia. Nominations for posthumous awards will not be entertained. Nominations will not be considered outside of our normal process. Nominees should also be aware that while travel and accommodation expenses are covered, we do not provide a speaking fee to the commencement speaker.

The University Regulation governing Honorary Degrees is attached for review.


List of past recipients here. You can also view each year through the commencement archives.

Please make sure to include the letters in the nomination submission form, or you may email them to uaf-provost-awards@alaska.edu.