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 Job Request Forms - Working Drafts Documents - To Be Used as Drafts 

The job request working draft document is to be used  prior to submitting in DocuSign. The working draft will allow the initiator (PPA/Executive Officer) to work with the department head/chair or supervisor of the faculty position on the components of the job request forms. The final information is entered in the job request format in the DocuSign Powerform.

Please download the working draft document below:

Signature Roles for the JRF DocuSign Powerforms:

There are signature roles that the JRF initiator must be aware of when filling out the DocuSign Powerform.

There are default signature roles that have been automatically filled out in the JRF DocuSign, and these are: Faculty Services Manager (for all JRFs), CTC Dean (for the CTC JRFs), CRCD Acting Dean (for the CRCD JRFs), Vice Chancellor roles (VCRNE-only for the CTC and CRCD JRF, and VCR-only for the Research JRFs), and the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor (for all JRFs).

The signature roles that the initiator must fill out each time they submit a JRF DocuSign Powerform are: Initiator (usually the PPA or the Executive Officer), department chair/program head, academic dean, director (for research), and campus director (for CRCD JRFs), and executive officer (if different from the PPA). 

Required Memos to be attached with the JRFs

For direct hire JRFs, please attach the memo request with the provost's approval of the direct hire. The memo can be uploaded in the JRF DocuSign. 

For new faculty position JRFs, please attach the memo request with the provost's approval of the position. The memo can be uploaded in the JRF DocuSign. 

Job Request Forms DocuSign Powerform Links: 

Professional Boundaries With Respect To Immediate Family Members UAF Policy

The University Representative must work in consultation with their Supervisor/Dean/Director to develop a written plan that removes them from any responsibility or influence over the student (IMF), including but not limited to reassigning grade assignments to other qualified individuals. Such a plan must be documented using the form below: 


UAF Policy 04.10.040


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Please contact Jennifer Hoppough at 474-7096 or with any questions regarding council meetings