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Student Leadership and Involvement Office


Physical location:
101J Wood Center
1731 S. Chandalar Drive

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 756640
Fairbanks, AK 99775

image of Heidi

Heidi Shepard

Associate Director of Student Leadership and Involvement


Strengths: Harmony, Developer, Context, Intellection, Individualization
Zodiac sign: A total Capricorn. Stubborn, yet helpful.

My name is Heidi Shepard and I am a long time SLI program participant. I worked in the program for 4 years as an undergraduate student, which opened so many doors for me! Since leaving UAF I've worked for the state legislature, as a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor, and in the hospitality industry. My favorite part of this job is students, so come visit us!

paige headshot

Paige LaPoint

Student Organizations Coordinator


Strengths: Intellection, Restorative, Responsibility, Empathy, Harmony
Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hi! My name is Paige, and I'm so excited to be working with all of our student organizations! I'm originally from Wisconsin, and graduated with both my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Minnesota, so both states have a place in my heart. My husband and I moved to Alaska in 2015 and have enjoyed exploring all the great things the state has to offer ever since. In my spare time I like to walk our two dogs, Rudy and Chance, read, watch Game of Thrones, and create beautiful charcuterie boards with friends. Like Heidi, I too love when students come visit, so don't be afraid to pop in and say hi!

michael photo

Michael Martins

SLI Student Alternative Break Assistant

Strengths: Strategic, Learner, Achiever, Input, Activator
Zodiac sign: I don't think I have a zodiac sign.

As the Alternative Break Coordinator, I will be in charge of choosing projects and locations for both alternative breaks this year. My responsibilities range to all things Alternative Break, from recruiting students and facilitating team building, to leading our team and orchestrating fundraising.

katharine photo

Katharine Cecil

SLI Student Volunteer Assistant

Strengths: Restorative, Futuristic, Intellection, Learner, and Responsibility
Zodiac sign: Cancer 

I am the volunteer coordinator for the SLI office, and my goal for this year is to connect as many students with volunteer opportunities both on and off of campus as possible. 

Picture of Malikah

Malikah Hughes

SLI Student Leadership Assistant

Strengths: Strategic, Belief, Arranger, Restorative, Individualization
Zodiac sign: Virgo 

My name is Malikah Hughes, I'm a part of the SLI office, and am in charge of the First-Year Leadership Academy. My job is to help guide first-year students into becoming the leaders they would follow!

Barber - In Germany, be back soon

Laura Barber

SLI Volunteer Coordinator / AB Team Lead  (ON HIATUS)

Strengths: Restorative, Input, Achiever, Learner, Intellection  
Zodiac Sign: Aries (Adventurous) 

My name is Laura Barber, and I don't work in the SLI office as the assistant volunteer coordinator (anymore). If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities or Alternative Spring Break, talk to Michael Martins. I will be returning in August of 2019. Bis sp├Ąter!