It is time for UAF to create a new strategic plan. UAF’s current strategic plan will expire in 2019. As we enter our next century, I look forward to bold steps from UAF. Our accreditation themes of Educate, Research, Prepare, Connect and Engage help describe what we do and the UA System has goals for UAF in the broad area of degree attainment, research, workforce, and economic development. Mindful of this context, we need renewed focus around who we are and what we aspire to be. As we enter our next 100 years, I hope that we can build momentum for a strategic planning effort will put UAF in the national spotlight as a leading student focused research university. Coupled with our leadership in Arctic research, UAF’s focus on the student experience will make UAF a destination for the brightest minds.

—Daniel M. White, UAF Chancellor


  1. Modernize the student experience
  2. Solidify our global leadership in Alaska Native and Indigenous programs
  3. Achieve Tier 1 Research status and share new knowledge
  4. Transform UAF’s IP development and commercialization enterprise
  5. Embrace and grow a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion and caring
  6. Revitalize key academic programs from occupational endorsement to PhD 


Begin November 2018 and be completed by the end of the spring semester 2019.


Six 12-15, member teams will be assembled to draft plans around the goals outlined. Each team will be diverse and have a significant degree of automomy to gather input and many perspectives.

Parallel to our strategic planning process, UAF is conducting strategic enrollment planning and preparing the 2019 accreditation plan. Additional information can be found on both of these initiatives at the following links. Growing enrollment and increasing retention are integral to all strategic planning goals and accreditation themes.



If you are interested in participating in the UAF strategic planning process, please contact