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Students work with  industry professionals onset in Downtown Fairbanks on the set of "Feels Good" during the 2014 Film Reel Alaska Mentor Experience program.

The UAF Department of Theatre and Film provides an undergraduate BA degree in Film & Performing Arts with concentrations in Film or Theatre. We also offer minors in both Theatre and Film.

Film & Performing Arts majors take a shared core of three classes (Fundamentals of Acting, Film Set Production I, and Introduction to Production Design) and then choose a concentration in either Film or Theatre. All of our courses can be found under the “FLPA” designator in course finder and in the 2016 catalog.

All of our students gain practical experience through working on professional film sets, participating in main-stage productions, and interacting closely with faculty advisors and mentors. Through teaching and production work, our department prepares students to succeed professionally in the Film and Theatre industries, while educating students across disciplines in the fundamental skills of collaboration, communication, and creativity.

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We're hard at work filming "Pink Violet" - written and directed by FLPA Alumnus Keziah Anderson - while the Student Drama Association is producing the Winter Shorts this November!  More information coming soon, or check out our season page for more information.

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