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The liberal arts teach skills in creativity, communication and critical thinking. 

Home to the arts, humanities and social sciences, the College of Liberal Arts helps to prepare students for success in many fields and teaches meaningful ways of engaging with the world.  Education in the liberal arts fosters critical thinking skills, promotes social involvement and increases earning power.



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Clarity magazine is mailed to CLA's many friends, alumni and donors each year, and focuses on the stories of CLA's current students, faculty and staff.

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 Academic Excellence + Experiential Learning

Students learn from all fieldsCombine the rigorous study of society, culture and politics with Alaska's signature Arctic research. One of the biggest things UAF has going for it is its small classes, which foster an environment of working with peers. You're not just in it for yourself.
Students learn from all fields Make your mark on the world. Choosing the College of Liberal Arts helps you to explore  a wide range of careers and professional fields. We engage every voice and instill a drive to discover that goes far beyond the classroom.
Students learn from all fields Developing and enhancing abilities, including critical analysis and thinking, creativity, cross-cultural communication and ethical debate, are at the core of every student’s experience.



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