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The museum exhibits are the best introduction to Alaska’s diverse wildlife, people, and land. á This top-rated Alaska destination displays the artistic creations that make the museum a leading cultural heritage center.

See bears, wolves, and dinosaurs, artifacts of Alaska Native ingenuity, birds - both resident and migratory, a mummified steppe bison, and artwork spanning 2000 years of Alaska history.

Download a gallery map pdf for both our main level and upper level by clicking the links.

Gallery of Alaska


This gallery introduces Alaska’s five major geographic regions in highlights of the objects and artifacts, people, wildlife, geography and history of each region. Rent an Audio Guide to hear wild life sounds and stories about living in Alaska. From natural history to recorded history, see what we know about Alaska from the objects in our collections. Learn more here.

Special Exhibits

This gallery features short-term exhibits built by the museum staff to explore a variety of subjects. The unique space is located adjacent to the Museum Store. Beginning in May 2015, explore our exhibit Expedition Alaska: Dinosaursáfeaturing authentic Arctic fossils, footprints, and more. Plus, go on an adventure with museum paleontologists as they search for dinosaurs on the rivers and mountains of Alaska in our museum film.

The Place Where You Go to Listen

place to listen


A unique sound and light environment created by composer John Luther Adams givingávoice to the rhythms of daylight and darkness, the seismic vibrations of the earth, and the dance of the aurora. Find out more.

Family Room

Living Room

Relax on our comfy couches, enjoy puzzles and games for children and families, and explore our multimedia resources in this space. Browse through our collection of books and maps and investigate hands-on activities from previous special exhibits for kids of all ages.

Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery

Father of the Silver Salmon mask

Explore 2,000 years of Alaska art, traditional and modern in this award-winning gallery. Examine ancient ivory carvings and Alaska Native objects, used for ceremony or for everyday life. See paintings, photographs and sculptures.

From the functional to the fantastic, each object reveals Alaska’s artistic influence. Learn more here.

Collections Gallery

The museum offers a rotating display of exhibits, featuring a unique look at the research andácultural understanding supported by the artifacts, objects andáspecimens from the museum’s collections and elsewhere.

Explore the Expedition Alaska exhibit

Natural Wonders

Snowy Owl Chick, photography by Michio Hoshino

A selection of eight photographs by the late Michio Hoshino portray the grandeur of Alaska’s landscape and reveal intimate moments of wildlife.

Hoshino specialized in photographing Alaskan wildlife until he was killed by a brown bear while on assignment in easternáRussia in 1996.

Museum Grounds

Museum Exterior

Walk around the museum to experience the architecture and see outdoor exhibits: Denali by Christiane Martens; Totem by Bernard Hosey; totems by Nathan Jackson and Amos Wallace; a Trans-Alaska pipeline cleaning pig, and an 1841 Russian-American Blockhouse.

Begin your exploration here.

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