Post a Job or Internship



Create a free employer account with Handshake, UA’s career management platform for students and alumni. Through Handshake you can: 

  • Post jobs & internships
  • Track and manage applicants
  • Schedule on-campus interviews
  • Register for career fairs & events
  • Search for and communicate with qualified students and alumni
  • Use Handshake's app to update as you go

Login to Handshake


  1. Select 'Sign-Up' for an account from your email invitation and click 'Employer' Or use this link
  2. After completing registration, your request will be reviewed 
  3. Complete your employer profile

Stuck? Check out this help article.

  1. On the left side of the navigation toolbar, click 'Schools'
  2. Click 'More Schools on Handshake' to request and search specific schools
  3. Request The University of Alaska System
  4. Once received, your request will be reviewed
  1. Sign in to your employer account on Handshake
  2. From the home page you can click the blue box on the left that says 'Post a Job'
  3. Or on the left side navigation toolbar, click 'Jobs'
  4. On the top right, click the blue box titled 'Create Job'
  5. Complete the job posting with as many details and descriptions as possible
  6. Follow the prompts and add the school or schools you would like to post the job to
  7. Enter application start and expiration dates, then click 'Create'

For further information see this article!

The purpose the UA Handshake is to allow employers to post information about current or anticipated job and/or internship openings. UA Career Services Offices reserve the right to decline requests that are deemed inappropriate or predatory. 

The University of Alaska (UAF), Fairbanks Career Services Offices operates under the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) Principles for Ethical Professional Practices and expects employers to do the same. 

Use of services provided by the UAF Career Services Office as well as the Handshake platform constitutes the employer’s agreement to the following policies. 

university policy requires that employers: 

UAF Career Services Office will decline a company/organization and will not post material if: 

  • The company/organization attempts solicitation of their services or on-campus sales 
  • The employment conflicts with the mission of the University of Alaska 
  • The posting is for advertisements for competitions or contests 
  • This position is for a home-based business 
  • There is not enough information provided (e.g. in the organization description, cannot provide proof of an active business/non-profit license) to verify that the organization is an established company/organization 
  • There are fees and/or fundraising requirements associated with job seekers regarding applications, job positions, utilizing services, job database, etc.
  • If students are injured or exposed to unsafe working conditions related to the employer’s employment opportunities
  • Failure to adhere to Career Services Office policies
  • Any violation of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks policies
  • Any violation of local, state, or federal laws