Research in Chemistry and Biochemistry



UAF brings in almost 90 percent of the research dollars for the entire University of Alaska system. This means that there are tons of funding opportunities to get a running start towards your research project goals. The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry participates and coordinates in a multitude of exciting and innovative research projects that seek to solve some of our world's most pressing problems. 

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instrumentation and state-of-the-art facilities for research and instruction. We primarily conduct research and teaching labs in the Paul Reichardt and Margaret Murie Buildings. 
Our department also operates and maintains the University's Molecular Imaging Faciltiy which boasts two NMR spectrometers and an MRI machine.

The small class sizes at UAF and the close interaction between students and faculty provide a type of environment often missing in larger universities. Students are encouraged to visit faculty and to become involved in research as early as possible. Most of the upper division chemistry majors work in the teaching or research program. We have had numerous undergraduates co-publish their research results with faculty in the refereed scientific literature. This type of interaction, combined with a rigorous academic program, is responsible for the success of our students after graduation.

Reaching out to a faculty member is the best way to gain more insight and explore the possibilities of doing research at UAF. They can answer your questions, get you connected to resources, and help you make an informed decision about your future goals.