Creativity's lasting power

The office of Undergraduate Research & Scholarly Activity (URSA) supports, develops and institutionalizes UAF's diverse and robust programs of undergraduate research and creative projects.

At all levels, URSA aims to improve skills in critical thinking and communication, to engender a culture of life-long learning among all students, as well as enhance preparation and education of students who will fill the needs of Alaska's 21st century workforce and society.

URSA  is UAF's resource for the development and promotion of experiential learning activities that engage undergraduate students to support UAF's goal to become a leading student-focused research university.

Undergraduate research and creative activity at UAF covers all disciplines, from climate sciences to music, engineering, anthropology, life sciences, art and theater.

Examples of creative projects URSA funded:

  • English - A summer-long writing project that interrogated the relationship between geographic place, history and image.
  • Art – A student worked with an internationally acclaimed artist at a workshop about portraying figurative sculpture in clay.
  • Theater – A student created original costumes for UAF theater productions.
  • Music – A student traveled to Italy with the Alaska Chamber Chorale Tour and explored the role of a music educator.
  • Art/Photography - A student created an art exhibit focused on homelessness. 

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Provost and student

Provost Prakash with Dean's Choice Award winner Tracy Asicksik at URSA's 2018 Research and Creative Activity Day. (Credit JR Ancheta)